How to Be Unique and Owning Your Uniqueness In an Age of Manufactured Individuality

by Chloe' Flowers

The question of uniqueness is one many are asking in an age of mass digital influence. Our Wellness Contributor, Chloe’ Flowers offers insight on how to be unique and reminds us, it’s okay to ask. Read on as Chloe’ shares her best practices on centering ourselves and surpassing the urge to please in the digital media realm.  




‘How to Be Unique’ Is Not A Terrible Question to Ask.


It’s quite eerie to exist in a time where humans are celebrated for being replicas of one another. These days, having the same physique, lifestyle, emotions and even thoughts has seemingly become the standard. Although relatability is ideal,  individuality is essential. Connectivity can still exist alongside your uniqueness. While modern society promotes similarity, we have to think about how this does not always support our well being. It might support capitalism, but certainly not us. If we are all seeking the same things, someone is profiting from this unhealthy scheme. Recycling our souls and perceptions is a huge deficit to our truest selves. 



What to Consider In Pursuit of Uniqueness:

Individuality On Social Media


In the past, it has been refreshing for me to see an affirmation on instagram that expresses exactly how I feel with words I couldn’t find myself. I believe the obsession to be understood leads us to subconsciously adopting the mindsets of others. While we all love to feel seen, this should not be the case with a majority of our feelings.

So many sentiments and concepts are thrown in our faces before we can properly develop our own. The internet community has become a space where you have to do little thinking for yourself. Social media is a breeding ground for soul recycling. I want to encourage you to be mindful with your consumption.

We need to exercise our own creativity outside of the exposure from socials. While inspiration can aid us in growth, we can be our own inspiration sometimes. Besides, our distinctiveness is our own sacred artistry. 


How to Be Unique Put Into Practice

Here are a few ways, I find my personal stride:


  1. Pick a day or two out of the week to be off of social media. (This allows my own thoughts to rise to the surface and develop maturely)
  2. Save posts that I resonate with, and reflect on them before posting. (Toning down impulsive re-shares provides a more intentional experience)
  3. Find ways to be creative in everyday life. (Treating myself to colorful and delicious meals, having fun deciding what to wear, or engage in creative activities)
  4. Be social offline from social media. (Have conversations with those around you, so that you don’t solely depend on the internet)
  5. Research things that grab your attention on socials (Before you make irresistible based “influencer” purchases – research the brand, or fact check statistics.)
  6. Gain inspiration in other ways. (Reading books, traveling or watching films.)


Our uniqueness is the strongest tool we have and it separates us from everyone else. The world would be so much more interesting if we collectively decided to commit to being ourselves. Whether you are the oddball of the family, have a really quirky appearance, or your interests don’t fall in line with your feed – own that. We have to learn how to love ourselves beyond being everyone’s cup of tea. Thank God for all the flavors in the world. There is freedom in being a contrasting individual, you have something to share that we’ve never seen!


Originality is the portal to being a leader and standing out in ways you can’t imagine.


Sometimes refurbishing trends and aesthetics can seem easier than digging deeper and peeling back personal layers. Embracing yourself is a big deal and comes as a challenge to many of us. So much more fulfillment comes from authenticity than replication. Anyone can recreate a vibe they’ve already seen, but what more do you have to offer the world? Pretty Birds, we must align with our genuine selves, so that we can reach for bigger and better things in life. Aside from having more to creatively offer, having thoughts of your own is where the real potential resides. As the famous Dave Grohl quote goes, “No one is you, and that is your power.”


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