How Sarah Chavez’s Shop Green Angels is an Answered Prayer to Fashion Collectors Everywhere

by Milan Ball

“Treasuring the little things” takes on new meaning as society recovers from the isolating effects of an ongoing global pandemic. While countless people spent the year of 2020 from the vantage point of shoebox apartment windows, many of us relocated to ride out the uncertainty in the company of loved ones. Amidst the anguish of loss, fear, and the reorienting of our lives, seeking comfort in the little things offers a cathartic exploration of self, and preservation of mind. In the peace of unpacking her life, fashion industry veteran, Sarah Chavez, found herself sifting through a treasure trove. Vintage Dries van Noten, Phoebe Philo’s “Old Celine”, and countless trinkets from antique Robert Burns’ poems to Hermés tarot cards make up an archive of beloved collectibles. As Chavez reminisced on the fond memories attached to each piece, she was inspired to launch her venture Shop Green Angels.

A collection of treasures; luxury fashion and vintage clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, books, and beyond maintain a pool of memories that Sarah is now sharing with the world. 

Sarah Chavez invites All the Pretty Birds to visit the intimate spectacle:

In her own words, “Since I’ve always been a collector, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for years and it feels like the right time to put something out there with love, to bring people together and spark some joy. I wanted to make the site feel really sweet and intimate, like I’m welcoming you into my home.” 


Chavez explains that despite the gravity of the times, timing for the launch of Shop Green Angels was perfect. Having led a career in Fashion spanning fifteen years, the expert built her collection over the course of many travels.

“I acquired really special things and they hold such fond memories. Since I was a kid, I collected things and surrounded myself with these treasures.  They are sweet little things that spark joy, remind me of loved ones, tell a story, and awaken memories. I think with every apartment I’ve had in New York City – you know we only have a little space – I really sort of leaned into its’ beauty. If it was a tiny studio and was a darkly lit place, it was moody you know? So, it was really important for me to create a sanctuary in New York. Each home, each apartment that I’ve had, I filled with love [not only] to look comfortable but to adorn and enjoy every corner with treasures and memories of the things that I’ve collected.”

As Sarah reflected on her intimate stock, she recalled the nostalgic ambience curated over time.

“I had a place on West 10th in the West Village that my friends called the “Jewelbox”. It was cozy, it had the French doors and beautiful oak floors and built in shelves. It looked like a movie and it had to be home. I was really lucky with finding spaces, some of them small, but I always dressed them up to the nines. It kind of casts this nostalgic, romantic spell in each place. If you gave me a shelf I would go wild.”

While awakening the personality of each space, Chavez was careful to note that the business of collection does not equate to irresponsible consumption. After all, the name itself “Shop Green Angels” indicates the sustainable circularity of consuming pre-loved goods.  The archival effort, adorned with antique and vintage objects follows suit in a wave of slow fashion businesses that promote conscious shopping. In her own words, “It’s not shopping, but collecting; it is not buying, but investing.”

With hopes of keeping the project Green and intimate, Chavez explains the value in creating a circle of like minded individuals who could go treasure hunting.

Ultimately, she ideates a community of those sharing the things that are special, stirring the memories, and passing them on. In a time where social media fellowship has become a staple means of interaction, Shop Green Angels caters to a network of the ever-growing micro shopping communities. Setting herself apart from the trend by offering a collection of incredible rarities, Chavez presents her cohort with a simply unmatched selection.

In light of the escapism sought after by today’s culture, the project is just the right temperature to feed and warm the hearts of many. Confronting the recent violence and hate circulating in the United States, Chavez is emboldened to fight for more love.

“There is a cry for love and a healing regimen. [Considering last year] what a cry for joy is needed? It’s hard in every way; socially, racially, politically, and environmentally. Everybody’s crying out for healing and for love. Yeah, in a way I feel silly and insignificant talking about something like this, however it’s my way transforming my pain. I am taking my anxieties and pushing through them. ​Doing something very loving and very sweet and just bringing joy. Even if it’s in a simple way, like through the thrill of treasure or (whatever it is) this is my contribution. I want to be a productive part of incorporating everyday beauty and support.”


Here are Some of Our Favorite Tokens of Love from Shop Green Angels:

1. These Chic Hermés 2-Deck Tarot Playing Cards Are Everything, Sold for $150

2. We’re Swooning Over This Yohji Yamamoto Emerald Bomber Jacket, $325

3. How Delectable Is This Pair of Onyx Fruit? Sold for $115

4. Phoebe Philo Céline? Bar Cuff Bracelet? Say no more. $275 

5. We’ll Take That Vintage Balenciaga Sleeveless Tee, $195



Editor’s Note: It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Sarah and her heart behind Shop Green Angels. Our team at All the Pretty Birds is thrilled to support her and her venture. A percentage of the proceeds from the project will be donated to an AAPI supporting organization. Sarah’s beloved collection is now live on You can further indulge in the curated archive at @shopgreenangels on instagram. 


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