How I Set My Personal Intentions

by Chloe' Flowers

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Setting intentions is one of my favorite things to do, any month of the year. Intention setting is powerful because every second a goal or aspiration may cross your mind. At any point in time, you can begin to manifest and set the intention to go after your dreams. Making decisions and putting a lot of thought and care into them can help you achieve a beautiful life. Understanding the power of your decisions and pushing yourself past fear can affect your life in the best way. I will be sharing with you how I set my personal intentions, Pretty Birds. 


Tips for Setting Personal Intentions 

When I am setting an intention about something specific, first I make sure it’s actually something I am interested in and not just a passing thought. As humans, we have so many thoughts to filter though. It’s important to distinguish the ones visiting briefly and the ones we should hold onto. If I am thinking about something for longer than two weeks, I know it’s time to put an intentional plan into action. I tend to believe there is a reason why this idea is lingering and accept it as a gift from the universe.


Someone once asked me something powerful: “Have you ever had an idea you didn’t act on, and then weeks or months later you see someone amazingly execute your idea?” This has happened to me before, and what I take from this is that the universe is constantly presenting ideas and things to manifest, but the process of intention setting is all about knowing which ideas belong to you! Nobody can take on every single thought or idea. Commit to something that fits and aligns with who you are or who you want to be. Make moves that contribute to what you believe is your higher self. 


Once I decide to move forward with a thought, I usually write it down in my planner or journal then make a list. For example, when I was setting intentions for my upcoming move to a new state and to start a new job, I made a list of what I wanted in my next home. I made a Pinterest board with images to serve as inspiration. I did a ton of research on the profession and wrote about how I would feel once I achieved these things. Being intentional is all about doing things with purpose, spending quality time, and really loving on the idea you’ve attached yourself to. Being intentional about goals and plans is a literal cultivation process and writing things down makes them real, so you can keep the ball rolling forward.


The next step to intention setting is staying consistent. Be consistent with visiting your ideas and building on your thoughts. Return to your notes and lists to add more things. Once this intention becomes a part of your day-to-day, you will look up and be knee-deep in something that started as a tiny thought. This is the power of setting intentions, Pretty Birds. 


Lastly, I make space in my life for what I am manifesting. You never know when that life shift will happen, you just have to be ready for it. You need to start thinking and acting as if you’re already in the space you want to be in. This is living intentionally, being aware of what you need and want to make your intentions come to life. I meditate on my intentions when I have a little extra time. I close my eyes and breathe deeply as I imagine myself embracing the set intention. When I want to commit to having a good day or good week, I imagine myself smiling and being productive. My intentions are then set by really channeling the exact energy that I need. 


I hope this helps you set your intentions and commit to your dreams in this new year and decade, or really anytime. Trusting yourself and believing that you can do anything are both essential to the process. That being said, setting intentions will look different for everyone. Do whatever feels right for you and listen to what your inner self has to say. Happy intention setting!


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