How Can Feng Shui Change Your Life Today? Tips from Expert Laura Benko

by Chloe' Flowers

feng shui home decor tips


The space in which you dwell has a major impact on your life and wellbeing. Feng shui can be hyper spiritual to some, but the facts are that your personal environment is impactful. There are many heights to feng shui, but we’ll start with the basics. Feng shui began in China almost 6,000 years ago. It is an ancient pseudoscience of layering and expanding spaces to attract happiness, abundance and peace. The literal definition of the word is wind (feng) and water (shui), which links the human to his or her habitat. 

Before I began to study feng shui I’d naturally refresh my apartment several times a year. With sudden life changes and season switches, I would rearrange my furniture or buy more plants and hunt for a new bedroom mirror. If I feel the energy becoming stagnant, or I notice my household humming at a low vibration I know it’s time for a change of scenery. As a spiritual person, my way to show gratitude to my family is being responsible for our homes energy. That urge you feel to nest and make your sanctuary more fitting is your inner feng shui! Another way to gauge your feng shui is paying attention to the vibe when you have company. Does everyone seem relaxed and comfortable or awkward and frigid? 

Laura Benko, a holistic lifestyle expert shares how to give your space good healing energy in her book “The Holistic Home”. Benko experienced a critical health discovery and came to realize the benefits of proper feng shui. She studied with masters and became a consultant and expert herself on home decor and its relation to health. She says, “The mind covers the psychology of how you dwell, subconscious influences, decorating with intention, and how your emotional issues and challenges actually manifest in your space. The physical aspects such as furniture positioning, design elements, green living, wellness, and organization pertain to the body. The spirit covers the invisible energies, feng shui, the atmosphere, your karmic lessons, and the soul of your home.”

 The main ways to create abundance in your home according to Benko are to :

  • Reposition your bed to face the door: This small adjustment will make you feel more at ease and could help you get better sleep. This allows you to tap into the primordial energies of feeling safe and empowered. 
  • Bringing wood and plants into the bathroom: While most focus on the main living areas, the bathroom is just as important. There is an abundance of the water element, so adding plants and wood balances everything out. 
  • Get rid of clutter: In my opinion this should be number one. How can you be clear minded if your space is cluttered ? Science has proven the negative mental and physical effect excess clutter has on the human mind and body. If you don’t need it, let it go. 
  • Use mirrors to add light and movement: Mirrors can liven up a dark space. Hang the mirror to where your face and shoulders are visible, this will properly reflect your aura.


feng shui home decor tips


Feng Shui looks different for everyone. Some of my personal feng shui preferences are natural or low lighting since I am quite sensitive to harsh lights. Candles and one dim light usually do it for me. Something else that’s important to me is texture. Textures on pillows, vases, and even art make me feel cozy. Temperature is also a big thing, I make sure I have several blankets because I keep a cooler home. Blankets are inviting and will make your guests feel comfortable enough to relax. Color is a major influence to keep in mind as different colors have different effects on your mood. When I was pregnant with my son, my partner and I painted our living room green to symbolize wealth and abundance coming our way. If you want peace and solitude, white or blue would be your color. Hues play a major factor in the overall mood of your home. Right now, all white everything is a big craze for minimalists and those who prefer simplicity as a way to keep a clean mental state. Lastly, I would say to have sentimental touches around the home, family photos or keepsakes and gifts you’ve received from special people. “Ideally, we want to envelope ourselves with imagery that supports our goals, and desires, allowing us to feel moved, inspired and comforted,” says Benko. 

Feng shui goes beyond just your bedroom or living room, it can also be practiced in offices and classrooms. Notice the ambiance of the restaurants and coffee shops you frequent. There is a reason you visit again and again, because you feel good there. Your home is your sanctuary and where you should feel the most at peace, no matter how big or small. I want to encourage us as a community to create spaces that are healthy for us, spaces that are inspiring and uplifting. A lot of our inner comfort is built on the comfort in personal foundation. Consider enhancing the feng shui in your family home, and enjoy the shift that will bring creativity and peace. 


Photo by Latonya Yvette

Photo attributed to Paul Frankl via @ateliervime


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