Holiday Dressing: The Simple Power of a Slip Dress and a Great Blazer

by Tamu McPherson

Holiday Dressing: The Simple Power of a Slip Dress and a Great Blazer

The Holiday Season is in full swing and each morning as you lay in bed (after the obligatory scroll through Instagram), you visualize what you will wear through the next 20 days of lunches, aperitivos and parties. You tick off looks, remix some and track packages containing wishlist items that have thankfully gone on sale. Then you think about the evening’s two commitments, one at a gallery, and afterwards, a client’s office party at a Michelin Star restaurant. Both will be lovely and attended by people that you are looking forward to catching up with, which brings you just the buzz of seasonal joy you needed.

However, you’ve been running around for the last two weeks, holiday shopping and tending to end of the year obligations, and you are frankly a bit tired and, at this point just focused on getting yourself through the home stretch. Tonight you want to feel chic, put together, but dressed for an evening that could easily extend past midnight and well into that point of exhaustion where you know you’ll be removing your make-up in bed that night with an Ogee facial cleansing cloth. As you browse through your dresses, silk skirts, leather everything, sequins and feather adornments, you repeatedly eye your blazers and slip dresses.

We’ve shouted out the blazer here, here and here on ATPB, and we’ll never tire of this wardrobe cure-all. It’s a limitless piece that you can wear in your professional life as well as in your social life, if there’s even a space between the two. Its versatility is legendary, like Mother Grace: it can be worn as designed, as a minidress, as outerwear, tied around the waist as a belt, and again, thanks to muse Christine Centenera, with bike shorts. If you don’t already own one, you might considering investing in one now. The ROI is real.

I’ve waxed poetic on my love for the slip dress before, so at this point you’re no stranger to this affection. And here I am thanking god again for lingerie dressing and all of its cool girl virtues, as evidenced by queens Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Whether worn as an expression of minimal style confidence, as the perfect thing for a night of clubbing or hi-octane cool a la Versace, this slinky essential is always a sure bet.

Blazer by Blazé, slip dress by Raey, boots and earrings by Celine, clutch by Proenza Schouler.

Go ahead and accept it, you are clearly in the mood for a blazer and slip dress uniform kind of night. Listen to your inner fashion voice, because it always leads you in the style direction you’re looking for. Tried and true, the blazer and slip combo always delivers – in this case, a sleek look that will get you through a long evening of holiday events. One where you can be present and free to fully indulge in the joy of conversing with colleges and friends. One where, at the first sensation of tiredness, you can pop that collar and pull that blazer close to your body for a little needed comfort and energy. You will look polished and strong, and your secret will be safe until your pretty head hits your pillow.

Here is a selection of blazers and slip dresses for those holiday nights when you need the perfect look to fall back on.

I love this Raey slip dress so much that I bought in three colors.


Racil Hatanaka double-breasted wool-piqué blazer currently on sale.


Nasty Gal Cowl Play satin dress currently on sale.

I seriously love this Petar Petrov Jovan blue wool-blend blazer.


Adriana Iglesias Jadi silk-satin slip dress currently on sale.


Hillier Bartley oversized silk double-breasted blazer.


Gucci game sequins slip dress.

Christopher Kane‎ crushed velvet contrast jacket currently on sale.


Galvan Whiteley open-back silk-satin dress.


& Other Stories belted velour blazer


Nili Lotan Cami Gown

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