Hiking Boots to Trekk into Fall With

by Roki Prunali

Why is it so hard for us to live in the now, why are we always are looking to what’s coming next? While I am still working on my metaphysical answer to this question, I can still dream about my fall purchases right smack in the middle of this boiling hot summer. Die-hard fashion fanatics are capable of purchasing a shearling coat in summer and desperately/patiently watching it hang in your closet until it is time to pop out that bad boy at the first hint of chill. Ever since the beginning of August, I have been keeping an eye out for that special pair of hiking boots – a style that seems to be multiplying its presence as fall pieces stagger onto the scene.  

Way back when, as a teenager, I used to work at Steve Madden for that extra cash to feed my shoe obsession (with a discount). At the time, J. Lo had just released “Jenny from the Block”, and those stiletto Timberland boot look-alikes were blowing out of our inventory, and that was when I first became acquainted with the fashion hiking boot. With my flatshoeonly wearing self, I thought it was a brilliant idea to purchase a pair in the infamous beige nubuck, virtually synonymous with the hiking boot. Well, I returned that pair at the speed of light, because then (and definitely even now) I was incapable of walking in heels. My short-lived love story for those fashion hiking boots came and went.

My obsession for this mountain hiking-but-very-fashionforward boot resurfaced a few years ago, with the arrival of the Prada hiking-come-combat platform boot with that red toe and big buckle. I arrived a little late to the game and purchased the boot already in December leaving me with little playtime, but that boot is a staple that I still break out every winter. Because not only are they a classic, but also they are comfortable, and the perfect snow boot. Yes, you heard me right, they make walking on snow, and even ice, seem like a walk in the park.

This season, in my weekly Matches Fashion “just-in from your favorite designers”, Gucci’s version popped onto my screen, and forever into my heart thereafter. After I screenshot the pair and sent them over to Tamu, to obviously receive her approval, they are now beckoning to me from my wish list while I make sure they are The One, and can finally pull the trigger on my purchase. Such as the universe offers its signs, since my eyes fell upon these beauties, I see them everywhere, constantly taunting me. Styling queen June Ambrose only solidified my love for the Gucci pair when she recently showed us how easy it is to travel through TSA with bling on your boots.

Hiking Boots


Hiking Boots

Gucci Flashtrek leather high-top trainers

What seems to set apart the hiking boots of this year is veritable performance qualities, and not simply aesthetic. With a major trend of performancewear that only gained ground with Fall 2018, brands are taking the extra step to make sure that their versions are solidly backed up with capability as well. Off White, infamous for their collaborations, teamed up with Timberland – probably one of the most wellknown mainstream hiking boots creating a range of velvet boots with a treaded sole.

Hiking Boots

Off-White + Timberland logo-embossed velvet ankle boots

With the upcoming fall months, which traditionally don’t segue into chilly weather with any haste, I’m planning on a hodgepodge of mixing up my summer dresses with a good pair of hiking boots. My beloved Sleeper dress will still see the light of day, as will my wrap dress from the raved about French girl brand Rouje, thanks to a bit heavier equipment on my feet. And as long as my summer tan lasts, you will still be seeing my bare legs.

Hiking Boots

Ganni Sarai Boots

Hiking Boots

Proenza Schouler Leather Ankle Boots


Hiking Boots

Topshop Ants Biker Boots

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