Sebastiano and Sergio Guardì

by Tamu McPherson

When Gabriele told me that we were going to shoot Sebastiano (left) and Sergio (right) for, I knew that they were going to be charming, stylish, cultured and good looking (Gabriele has impeccable taste). BUT, I was no way prepared for just how BEAUTIFUL they are (I can say that because I actually know their wives independently, and just so you know they are equally as stunning). Well after catching my breath from all of the major sibling handsomeness, I learned just how sweet, funny,  crazy, and as you will see here, how amazingly stylish they are. Have a look and enjoy their interviews at the bottom of the page. Enjoy your weekends!

Name: Sebastiano Guardì
Occupation: Cofounder-owner, Barbanera shoes
Passion: my daughter; sports (crossfit, running, mountain biking, boxing, k1m, cross training etc) , travel, reading, films, motorcycles, art exhibitions, cultural events.
Hometown: Palermo
Current town: Milano
Favorite city: Many, as long as they are on the sea.
What do you do to get your day started: Exercise
Favorite breakfast food/fruit: Yogurt, Peach, banana, orange, cereals, eggs, salmon
Where do you cut your hair: Tommy Shirt
Where do you shop in Milan? everywhere there’s something I like.
Describe your style: Verratti
What are your favorite brands: Rrl, sartoria Alessandro Giglio, Rubinacci
Any style rules: I always wear colored or printed socks.
What do you do before you go to bed: Smother my daughter in kisses.

Name: Sergio Guardì
Occupation: Proud daddy – Young warrior of the romantic flag –  shoemaker
Passion: literature, sport, music, comics, cinema, western culture, motorcycles, shoes,
Hometown: Palermo
Current Town: Milano
Favorite City: Paris. But I wish I could go to live in the countryside, somewhere here in Italy. I don’t like cities. No more.
Favorite place to shop in Paris: All that little vintage shops around Place de la Republique
Favorite place to dine in Paris: Le Dome – Montparnasse
How do you start your day: I kiss my son and my lady
Favorite Breakfast: Milk & cookies – cappuccino /banana – orange juice/ pizza (yes, pizza!)
Favorite Breakfast spot:  outdoor, in the countryside or on the sea.
What’s your beauty routine: a shower. Or , if it’s “beauty routine”, training (basketball or gym)
Skin: washing…
Hair, where do you cut your hair: Tommy, a friend of mine, here in Milan. But I decided to let it grow again.
Nails and other personal grooming:  no way. All by myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyseeeeeeeeeeelf.
Where do you shop in Milan: My tailor Alessandro Giglio; Ralph Lauren, Foot Locker, Napoleon, a vintage shop near via Torino, everywhere there’s something I wanna buy.
Describe your style: borderline
What are your favorite brands: Ralph Lauren and  Barbanera, my own handmade shoe brand. But I always preferred to take stuff form my father’s wardrobe
Any style rules: nothing but your own rules and…NEVER NEVER NEVER  follow seasonal trends. NEVER! Did I say “NEVER”?!?
What do you do before you go to bed: if possible, I make love. A caress on my little son while sleeping and reading.

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