Hand Cream: from moisturizers to anti-age creams, all the latest top products to protect your hands


Hand Cream: from moisturizers to anti-age creams, all the latest top products to protect your hands

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Michela Marra | Wednesday December 20th 2017

We practically do everything with our hands: while I quickly type away on my keyboard I realize just how essential they are to my work. And yet, how many times have I forgotten to pamper them adequately? Yes, this can and does happen to beauty addicts too: our vanity tables are full of products for our face not to mention lipsticks and eyeshadows but we often forget to put a good hand cream into our beauty case. One that protects our skin, especially when facing subzero temperatures because no glove can save us from the risk of dryness and cracking. And since our hands say a lot about us, why not choose a treatment that will also fight the signs of ageing as well as those unpleasant spots? To give you a hand” — a fitting expression indeed! we have tested some custom treatments for you: here are the best ones!

Moisturizing and engergizing

Crème-Baume pour les Mains by RNC contains oil and Shea Butter which moisturize and leave skin feeling velvety.


Jenuesse Originel Mains by Carita is a targeted anti-age serum for hands which has an SPF 15. It contrasts all visible signs of ageing thanks to the exfoliating, anti-spot and antioxidant action it exerts.


Crème Mains Multi-Intensive Hand Cream by Clarins is a non-greasy, non-sticky blended cream that leaves hands soft, smooth and velvety. Application after application, its thickening, evening and strengthening vegetable extracts react together to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of hands right down to the tips of your fingers.


Do you want to wrap your hands in a fragrant veil? Choose Crème Parfumèè pour les mains by Chloé which has the same scent as the famous fragrance.

Not just cream

For a booster treatment, especially when you have an important evening, you can use Nourishing Hand Mask Gloves by Starskin which leave your hands moisturized and feeling immediately softer.

For him

Active Hand Cream by Douglas: created especially for male hands, it has a nourishing jojoba oil-based formula which also includes ingredients like Panthenol and bamboo and cactus extracts. It calms and soothes skin irritations while also refreshing and protecting skin.

Original packaging

Looking for a hand cream with unusual packaging? The most original packaging is offered by TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milk: it has a delicate banana scent and deeply nourishes thanks to Shea butter and milk proteins.


Moisturizing, lifting and anti-spot, FaceD Lifting Hand Cream has an immediate effect just 30 minutes after it is applied: hydration increases by 17%!

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