Hairdos for the Holidays

by Team ATPB
Credit: Salvo Filetti per La Compagnia della Bellezza
Credit: Salvo Filetti per La Compagnia della Bellezza
Credit: Salvo Filetti per La Compagnia della Bellezza
Credit: Salvo Filetti per La Compagnia della Bellezza
Credit: Salvo Filetti per La Compagnia della Bellezza

Hairdos for the Holidays

By Michela Marra

Hi Pretty Birds,

Ready for the holidays?  Perhaps you’ve already chosen your outfit and makeup look but are still unsure about how to do your hair?  We’ve chosen some hairstyles we love, as seen on Instagram, and asked Salvo Filetti of Compagnia della Bellezza for some advice on how to look trendy during the holidays.

Have a look at our gallery and find the hairdo that’s right for you.

We are fans of braids, which will be the big trend for the upcoming season’s top hair looks. This season, braids are thicker and a soft, natural effect is created by braiding four strands together instead of the classic three. Volume is created in the upper part of the hairdo by setting the hair in a soft braid, as if it were a strip of fabric. In some cases, braids are either done diagonally and tucked to the side or created using only some strands while the rest of the hair hangs loose over the shoulders. And what about those trendy fake braids?  The result is a look that is romantic yet perfect for the fashionista at heart.

The idea is to enhance them by using some accessories − for example, a hair jewel − to add a romantic touch. In this case, we suggest a low ponytail, even if low ponytails best suit those who have an oval face and a long, slender neck. For every other circumstance, we suggest a high ponytail. Pull hair back at the sides and gather in an artistic ponytail. Or, you can go for a fake mohawk updo: a ponytail in the middle of your head, backcombed to create movement and thickness. It is then flipped up and forward.

For those who prefer a classic hairdo, chignons are always in style; you can even shift your bun to the side for a ‘60s-inspired look. Do you prefer a high bun? You can add a hair jewel for more lady like results.

For those who don’t want to drastically alter their look: wavy hair with curls and waves that fall softly on the shoulders is an elegant option yet all the while glam. You can also try out a sensual, sleek effect, or experiment with colour to highlight some strands for a punk chic look.

«Keep the tone and mood of the occasion in mind along with your own personality and obviously take your facial features into account as well.  You can be bold without overdoing it! It’s important to choose a hairstyle that flatters your face and reflects your personality: simple and natural, bon-ton, romantic and daring… I suggest using hairspray and volumizing mousse to create volume at the roots and add texture to your updo.  You can gel brush to achieve a voluptuous effect on your long locks while using serum or spray gloss will add a touch of light to finish off your hairdo».

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