Hair: 10 Solutions Against Hair Loss For Autumn

by Team ATPB

Hair: 10 Solutions Against Hair Loss For Autumn by Michela Marra

Dear Pretty Birds,

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that more of my hair has been falling out. I cut my hair in an attempt to try and give my locks some renewed vitality, especially on the ends, but I’ve since noticed that this phenomenon is quite common among my friends and acquaintances, too. So, if this is also happening to you, don’t sweat it. Nonetheless, the situation can be worse after a long summer during which hair has been exposed to the sun without any protection. We need to fix the problem. But how? The solution is a mix of products including shampoo, conditioners and lotions which fortify hair fibre and follicles. We’ve chosen 10 must have products for you. Have a look at the gallery and find the ones that are perfect for you.

  • Alfaparf Milano SemiDiLino Energizing Shampoo


Alfaparf Milano SemiDiLino Energizing Shampoo is a regenerating treatment that helps prevent hair loss. It is energizing and cleanses the scalp delicately, preserving hair structure. It contains a complex which works directly on the dermal papilla for stronger, more robust hair.

Serum Densificante Density Biomed has been designed for thin, fragile hair. It preserves hair’s youth and thickens its cuticular structure.

Trattamento Rigenerante Anticaduta Density by Biomed is a treatment which fights “seasonal” hair loss.

DEFENCE KS Lozione Anticaduta by BioNike is formulated with the exclusive KETO SYSTEM, a system that pairs  two patented molecules and is based on the synergy of nourishing ingredients and promoters of cutaneous microcirculation. This lotion fights oxidative stress and prolongs hair’s growth phase (anagen).

Keramine H shampoo anticaduta contains vitamin PP and delicately cleanses. Thanks to a stimulating action, it prepares the scalp for the Anti Hair Loss Treatment and provides hair with vitality and strength.

The Klorane line containing Quinine is made with Klorane quinine extract and B  vitamins with a very gentle cleansing base which detangles and creates volume. It stimulates the hair follicle to facilitate the physiological growth of strong hair.

TRIPHASIC VHT ATP INTENSIF stimulating anti hair loss serum by René Furterer gets to the heart of the hair follicle, where physiological hair growth begins. It contains a lot of extracts and natural oils: Pfaffia oil or Brazilian ginseng, stimulates microcirculation; sweet orange essential oil from the spur of the Himalayas, contains properties that purify the scalp, while Lavender essential oil boasts antimicrobial and relaxing properties. Curbicia extract, on the other hand, exerts an anti-seborrheic action, while bitter orange maximizes vascularization since it is rich in flavonoids. Finally, licorice extract contrasts microinflammation of the follicle, a condition which makes hair loss worse.

Brillance Intense Shampoo by Yves Rocher revives shine in hair that is dull and has deteriorated fibres which tend to absorb light. The scales are open, thus preventing hair from capturing and reflecting light. Among the main active principles which enhance shine are calendula oil and raspberry vinegar, which has been recognized for its tried and tested properties.

SKINIUS FortikerIn is a mineral salt, trace element and vitamin-based supplement that can be a precious ally in the quest for healthy hair and nails. FORTIKER.IN®  exerts an antioxidant action thanks to the presence of zinc, which promotes healthy hair and nail growth, making both stronger. Besides zinc, there is also selenium, another trace element involved in many biological processes that facilitate healthy nails and hair. These elements are joined by biotin, a B vitamin which is not directly produced by the human body and which can only be introduced into the organism through food. Finally, bamboo extract, which is rich in organic silicon, stimulates collagen production which enriches hair and nail structure and increases their resistance.

Dercos Aminexil intensive 5 by Vichy exerts five actions on the scalp: it secures hair, with a reduction in hair loss within six weeks, it performs microcirculation thanks to a massaging, stimulating applicator, and encourages resistance, balance and strength.  This is thanks to the products exclusive association of Aminexil, an anti hair loss molecule which has been clinically proven to be effective.

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