Growth Serums vs. Lash Extensions: The Great Debate

by Team ATPB

It doesn’t surprise me that my friends are always asking me for information on lash extensions: they’ve become quite popular over the past few years because they really are very comfortable and have come to be considered the long-lasting alternative to false lashes. Imagine never having to use mascara or an eyelash curler again.

Essentially, if you want to rid your life of those two tools, getting lash extensions could be an excellent idea. Careful though; before we give you some useful advice on finding the right application technique for you, it is important to remember that experts need to work with healthy, natural lashes, and so if you’re considering extensions, your lashes must be… healthy and natural.

What’s more, the cosmetic glue you need for your extensions should only be used in small doses and only on strong, “mature” lashes (not on ones that have just started growing). That said, once you’re sure your lashes are ready for this treatment, all that’s left to do is decide between the two techniques available to you.

Choosing the right technique depends on how long and thick your lashes already are. If your lashes are thin and short like mine, you could opt for a lash thickening treatment (or volume technique). Unlike the classic technique, which calls for the application of an extension on every single lash, in this case a fan of lashes is applied to each single lash. The results are the most maximum possible volume.

Finally, both the length and the curve are decided on based on your eye shape. If your objective is to lengthen your lashes, you’ll choose the classic technique: this procedure requires your eyes to be closed. A patch divides your upper and lower lashes and with the help of tweezers, lashes are applied, one at a time. The entire procedure lasts about 90 minutes. Your lashes will instantly be darker, longer and more curved.

“But how long will this last?” is the second most frequently asked question I get. The answer is: about three weeks. After that, you’ll need touch-ups, because just like natural lashes, extensions can also fall out (indeed they follow the same natural life cycle as your own actual lashes).

Has your aesthetician promised you longer-lasting results? Perhaps you should speak to another expert: if you’ve been promised results that will last for over a month that means during the application procedure they’ll be using an excessive amount of glue, which could damage your lashes. When in doubt, always ask — it’s the best way to figure out if you can trust someone or not. Another important suggestion is that after you’ve gotten your extensions, you should not use greasy products that might prematurely unglue the product you used to apply your lashes.

There are three main advantages to getting extensions:

  • They can create a natural effect.
  • It will no longer be necessary to use mascara in order to get lengthier, more voluminous lashes.
  • You can personalize your lashes, choosing the length and curve you like best and which best suit your eye shape.

On the downside, this procedure is often pricey and requires time. There is also the risk, albeit minimal, of an allergic reaction to the glue, even if it does not contain formaldehyde. Those who have sensitive eyes, beware. Extensions only last three weeks and you have to be careful when deciding what eye makeup to wear: if you use eyeliner and waterproof eyeshadows, make sure you are not using greasy eye makeup remover products. Eyelash extensions often pull out existing eyelashes when they fall out, so some people complain of heavy eyelash loss after a few sessions. And last but not least, these lashes must be removed by a professional.

Having doubts about getting extensions? I’m sure by now you’re ready to ask the third question everyone always asks me: is there an alternative option for getting long, thick, healthy lashes?  The answer is yes! All you need to do is use some growth serum.

Serum, which is similar to a mascara since it’s got a brush applicator, is a nourishing treatment that includes active principles, vitamins and proteins which strengthen lashes, leaving them thicker and longer over time. It also helps stop lashes from falling out.

The advantages of using a serum:

  • It’s not invasive.
  • It has a long-lasting effect.
  • It contains elements that nourish and strengthen your lashes.
  • Everyone can use it, regardless of their lash type.

The disadvantages of using a serum instead of getting extensions is that the results are not immediate and are less obvious. Growth serum can have chemical side effects, even sometimes changing the color of your iris.

Do you prefer using a serum but are not sure which one to choose? We’ll help you out with our selection of top products:  


Beauty Lash Eyelash Growth Booster

This intensive treatment for lashes and eyebrows contains vitamin E and D-panthenol to help improve eyelash growth.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum

Stimulates eyelash growth and increases thickness and fullness.

Cils booster XL Base Mascara by Lancôme

This white base that is also suitable for sensitive eyes, is enriched with extra-large microfibres which help protect lashes and create a maxi-extension effect.

SHISEIDO Full Lash Serum

Has a formula that repairs and moisturizes hair fibres making them softer, shinier, thicker and more voluminous: initial results are visible after 4 weeks from the time you start.

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