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The Great American Solar Eclipse

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Nia Hampton | Monday August 21st 2017

Solar Eclipse


On Monday August 21st 2017, a few states within the United States of America will experience a total solar eclipse. The bright light of the sun will be obscured by the moon’s silhouette bringing total darkness in the middle of the day to the following states, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina. The rest of the country and some other parts of the world will experience a partial eclipse. This is the first eclipse with a path of totality crossing from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the U.S since 1918. It will also be the first eclipse with exclusive landfall in the United States since the country’s independence in 1776. And what an interesting time for this total solar eclipse to be occurring. With the exclusion of Oregon the total eclipse will be passing over Red republican states. States who voted El Cheeto in office, states still struggling with their confused confederate past, states believed to be more outwardly racist than others. Am I the only one wondering what metaphysical aspects will be unlocked during this occasion? There are a few theories. According to Indian Country Today, an eclipse is a “sacred act” between the moon and the sun and you should “avert your eyes”. Eclipses are considered bad omens in varying indigenous groups from the Maya to the Navajo. According to Navajo cultural resource specialist Rudy Begay, no one is supposed to watch the moon for a long time as it affects your mind and body. Navajo ethnobotanist Arnold Clifford adds that when the sun turns black, calamity will ensue. To make sure no one is influenced by the bad omen of an eclipse, many residents of Indian country may choose to stay inside. So what about the others who believe the eclipse is something to look forward to and use to manifest more positive changes in one’s life.

Famed astrologer Susan Miller, told that this eclipse (which comes with a new moon in Leo) also comes with new possibilities. “The eclipse is saying try something new. You have to evolve and you have to innovate something, reinvent somehow,” says Miller. Other spiritual sites like seem to think the literal darkness that will turn into light during the eclipse is a metaphor for the healing we’ll experience Monday.

Even if you’re not interested in all of the metaphysical proponents of the eclipse, it’ll be a really cool event to watch. listed the 6 strange things that’s happen during the total solar eclipse, expect animals to be confused and think it’s nighttime, as well as shadow bands appearing on the ground. This is such a cool and truly rare event for us to get to witness. So whether you choose to watch from behind a screen of from behind your solar glasses, make sure you do something special in the two minutes when we’ll be covered in complete darkness. It’ll be a few decades before you can do it again.

Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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