Grazia Italia Online

by Tamu McPherson


Hey there! I have to take a deep breath to write these words. My cheeks are tingling.
I am profoundly happy to tell you that I have been named Fashion Director of the soon-to-be launched
I can not fully express my excitement about this opportunity. It’s such an amazing milestone for me. It’s a dream come true, a beautiful journey full of spectacular treasures, some of which I’ve already found. For instance, I’ll be working alongside Creative Director Macs Iotti, who is an absolutely amazing person and whose work I absolutely adore. AND, the team of contributors that we’re putting together is fantastically inspiring. I feel extremely blessed to be working with everyone involved.
Thank you sooo much for helping me get here! You guys have been extremely inspiring and you have encouraged me soOOO much since I started ATPB. I am truly grateful that you stop by and share your thoughts and fabulous fashion point of view.
I’ve created a diary to share my first steps in my new role and give you firsthand updates of the development of the site. Please stop by and have a look. It’s really sweet.

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