Graphic Eyeliner: 10 proposals to test

by Team ATPB

Graphic Eyeliner 10 proposals to test

Designs that recall ancient calligraphies without forgetting that touch of colour, making it even more particular: the graphic eyeliner is now an evergreen trend conquering even more beauty addicted.

If inspiration comes from the past – Cleopatra, first – today the eyeliner always finds new forms of expression, which aims to enhance and put the eyes on top. The focus of the beauty look is on the eye makeup and no matter whether it is classical or with double lines: the eyeliner attracts the attention by conquering even the most sceptical.

Moreover, if the rule is to dare, drawing thicker or thinner lines, depending on the shape of the eye, the next step is to abound with mascara that gives even more depth.

Seduction tool as never before, the use of the eyeliner opens the way to new fantasy games.

If you want to indulge, here are 10 suggestions that we have selected for you.

Find your favourite and follow our advice.

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How to apply the eyeliner?
Choose a semi-rigid applicator. If you find that it is better a pencil, do not be discouraged. You can apply the eyeliner later, between eyelashes and eyebrows.

What kind of eyeliner?
Our experience suggests choosing those with a pen that allow greater precision. It is better to have a dual option with fine and larger tip.

Which color to choose?
If in doubt, choose black that is a timeless classic. However, from the catwalks arrive many suggestions: from green to red, until electric blue you will not go unnoticed!

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