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Glimmering Golden Footwear for the Holidays and Beyond

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday December 12th 2017

If you were to ask anyone who knows me
about my personal aesthetic, chances are you would hear the word extra with a capital E. I have a lot of gold footwear in my closet, and I do mean a LOT. Usually though, these gilded beauties only seem to see the light of day during the peak holiday months of November and December, and that, to me, is a crying shame. While my personal style may say “Yes, yes, YES!” to these over-the-top statementmakers, for some reason, what I love and what I wear don’t always seem to be on the same wavelength.

For inspiration to merge the two, I am rounding up some of my favorite goldenhued footwear for inspiration, to ensure that I can incorporate these style stunners into my wardrobe no matter what the occasion – whether it’s festive frivolities, working it 9 to 5, or sweating out all those holiday cookies. I’ll be sure to be seeing gold this yearat least on my feet if not in my bank account.


Gilded Glam

  • Golden Footwear
    Christian Louboutin Crossfliketa Strappy Red Sole Pump

Perhaps the easiest iteration of my quest for a new golden wardrobe; these heeled metallic stunners are all about the statement. Whether dressing up a basic ensemble or taking a look to that next level of OTT style, these shoes are all about the glamour.


Girlboss Gold

  • Golden Footwear
    Gucci Marmont Fringed Leather Loafers

People always say to dress for the job you want and not the job you have; well I say that these brilliant beauties will have me looking executiveready in no time. Not too far off from my standard day-to-day footwear styles, these moltenhued shoes will be just the thing to step up my workwear wardrobe. Perfect for running around the city from appointment to appointment or being on my feet all day on set, these footwear gems truly prove that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.


Kicking it G(old)school

  • Golden Footwear
    APL Athletic Propulsion Labs

While I admit that I am not one of the most athleticallyinclined of individuals, times they-are-a-changing, and hopefully these golden sneakers will be my start to fitness glory… Oh who are we kidding, probably more like fitness goofs, but at least I can look like an all star without actually being one. And even if my Olympic dreams are likely to remain fantasies, I can still rock these sneakers in style. Perfect for a leisurely weekend look or perhaps just the thing I need for braving the icy February chills of NYFW.

What do you pretty birds think? Have we made a compelling case for going gold?

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