Getting Back Into Your Fitness Routine

by Tamu McPherson


Getting Back Into Your Fitness Routine by Tamu McPherson and Roki Prunali

It’s not only back to school time, it’s also time to get back to your fitness routine. We hope that you really indulged this Summer and please don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t as disciplined with your fitness as you are throughout the year – Summer is all about relaxing and loosening up (figurative and literally lol). So, as you return to work or school this week, think about your favorite workouts or ones that you’ve been dying to try. We didn’t try any new fitness activities this Summer so we’ll be falling back on our favorites: resistance and strength training at the gym, yoga, Pilates, dance and running.

Not going to lie, I definitely slacked off during summer and my resistance and strength, are basically nonexistent and I have to start from scratch. Thankfully we have our trusted Kirwin to get back into it and our trusted fitness videos for those days I just do not feel like hitting the gym. Once we get back our resistance and strength back, all should fall into place.


Yoga has been my savior while pregnant. Not only does it stretch me out, but alieves pain in my back. I have to say when I first got back into yoga, and my instructor put in me in the same positions as when I was bump free, I was a bit hesitant. Pretty Birds I am here to tell you that, it you can still do most of it. Yoga is always a great addition to your normal routine.

Just as I round out my routine with yoga, Tamu gets in her pilates. I do not need to bore you with the benefits of pilates because this workout has been around the block. Again, don’t just stick to the gym or running, pilates will round out your workouts and elongate the body as well.


Tamu and I spent most of the summer trying to perfect the Dance Body moves. Not only are burning an insane amount of calories, it is one of the most fun exercises I have tried in my life. I love throwing the Bey sass into every routine, even if I look ridiculous doing so. Not in the New York area, don’t fret, Dance Body will be offering streaming lessons. No excuses.

You all know that running is one of Tamu’s favorite workouts. With all the hectic things happening, she finds a great release in running. One of the most important things for running though is stretching, to make sure that you can continuously build your endurance with a lower recuperation time after each run.

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