The Geometric Manicure for a Festive Touch

by Team ATPB

And just like that, Christmas is practically here. Gifts for friends and family are already under the tree, groceries for lunches and dinners to come have been purchased; essentially, everything is ready to kick-off the most wonderful week of the year. But are you sure you havent forgotten anything? Perhaps between buying a gift for your best friend and dashing to the supermarket after a day of work you may have dedicated little time toyourself!

Were here to remind you that whatever the event, to us, you are always the guest of honor. Maybe youve already planned out your look for each party (maybe even inspired by Tamy’s Holiday Dressing Guide), and what products you’ll bring along in your handbagbut what about your hands? Have you already chosen some glam nail art for the holidays? Dont panic! We have some tips.

Tamu, for example, is a huge fan of the geometric manicure. During a meeting the other day, she showed off some beautiful nail art, with red tips and a nude lunula. We think it is absolutely worth replicating, dont you?

If you never quite shook off your high school goth phase, choose a creamy black instead of red.

If you want to bring the geometric manicure to new heights, you can create different figures on each nail with a bicolour manicure. The two coolest shades? A graphic black and white, obviously.

Credit ph: Pinterest

Let yourself be inspired by the Christmas spirit with three classic holiday colors; gold, red and white! Here are the most beautiful examples we’ve saved in Pinterest.

A green nail polish cant be excluded from your top shelf during the holidays – and a glitter version is even more choice. Use a stencil to create the geometric shapes on the ring finger, and always remember to apply a top coat to seal the manicure for the longest-lasting results.

What is your favourite Christmas nail art? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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