Galentine’s Gift Guide

by Team ATPB


Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s often an immense focus on romantic love and how important it is to get the right gift. However, here at ATPB HQ, we’re putting a lot more emphasis on sharing the love with friends and appreciating the platonic relationships we have. Thankfully we have Galentine’s Day! Celebrated on 13 February and a beautiful way to appreciate your friends, we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day) gift guide that doesn’t have to just be roses and chocolates. 


Alyx Carolus 

There comes a time in your life, at a certain age, when you just need some luxurious sleepwear. This is a judgement-free zone, so if you’re still sleeping in oversized shirts that’s okay. However, a nice set of silk pajamas is such an evergreen gift for a friend. It’s lush and something they might not buy for themselves, while still being useful. Last year, I  bought my first luxe set of pajamas and I chose to support a South African business called BENA Woman. It’s such a treat to sleep in and they have long sets, kimonos and short camisole sets, so there’s something for everyone. Don’t live in SA? They offer worldwide shipping! 

Grace Davin

There’s nothing like a thoughtful present from a dear friend, whether it’s for Galentine’s Day, a special birthday, or just because. Share your love and celebrate your friendships with something personal and practical like a monogram mug or trinket dish and a set of journals. You could also treat your best friends with a Meditation app subscription or peruse our Candle Gift Guide to keep their home smelling heavenly.


Roki Prunali

While Valentine’s Day can be a love-filled day – which to me should be just like any other day- some of our loved ones may feel a little lonely. On this day, more than presents from others to show their appreciation of us we must shower ourselves with love as well. Let your friends know you are thinking of them, but also reminding them of self-love with these Mama Wunderbar Self Love Affirmation Cards

Image via Leonardo Sanches

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