Full Moon Rituals for Harnessing the Moon’s Energy

by Roki Prunali

full moon rituals


I am quite a novice when it comes to following the moon phases, but after both my children were born with rather significant moon phases – my son on a full moon and daughter on a new moon – the power of the moon has never been more evident. I know there is no concrete evidence on the matter of the moon governing our bodies, but the anecdotal and casual incidences are enough for me to believe its impact. My daughter, however, is highly affected by the full moon and I have an alert for every month because she becomes lunatic and does not sleep. I have never believed how much the moon governs us as now being a mother. 


Full Moon Rituals

To take in all the energy of the moon, I have started taking part in certain rituals during the full moon. This January’s full moon is known as the “Wolf Moon” – it got its name from the wolf packs gathering outside Native American villages howling in hunger. For the first full moon of 2020, I thought I should share some full moon rituals that I partake in and others that I want to unify for the full moons of the year. 


Clear Your Energy

The energy of the full moon is so powerful that clearing yourself of negative energy will allow you to receive its full potential. Burning sage or even Palo Santo incense can help cleanse your body and space. Smudging – energetically cleansing a space to allow positive energy to enter –  will help set up any ritual that you will relish in for the evening. It is probably the quickest and easiest way to cleanse bad energy. Full moons are optimal moments to clean your crystals. 


Let Go

Full moons are a time of releasing what does not serve you and letting go of what isn’t working in your life. We need this release to make room for things that will serve us. After a full moon, comes the waning phase, which is symbolic in the closing of a chapter or finally reaching a goal. Ritualistically, the goal of full moon is manifesting your intentions that you set in the new moon, so it is important to use the full moon as a halfway point to deepen your intentions. I have found that sometimes physically writing down what you want to leave behind and burning it offers more symbolic release. Once you have voided the space of what no longer serves you, you can allow room for new things to come into your life. 

According to our guest astrologer here at ATPB, Adama Sesay, Founder and Astrologer at LilithAstrology.com  “The full moon astrologically is when the two luminaries, the sun and moon, are in opposite signs. This illuminating lunar event is a time for release and banishing negativity. Emotions are heightened at this time. It can also remove obstacles from your life that are no longer serving you. A simple ritual that anyone can do is lighting a candle to the minute of the full moon and do a quiet meditation visualizing a clear path for you to move down. Essential oils can be incorporated into this ritual by dressing the candle itself with the oil or putting it into a warm bath. Base the type of oil on the energy of the sign that the full moon is occurring in.”


Bathing Rituals

During the full moon, it seems that your skin is more absorbent, so skin rejuvenation will be at its highest. Draw yourself a relaxing salt bath to take nourishment from the many minerals in bath salts and work on pulling out those toxins. Submerging yourself in water will not only cleanse you, but allow you to have a settled mind and calming sleep. With the releasing ritual, you may feel like you need more “washing” away from that negative, unneeded energy. Adding a moon charged crystal on the side of the bath can attract a more profound relaxation.



Something that I still have yet to indulge in are group full moon ceremonies. Till now, I have found my own full moon rituals to be quite emotional and personal, but I am open to sharing this experience with others. Sound baths, meditation through ambient sounds (bowls, gongs, cymbals), are popular during full moon rituals to ease you into a relaxed state. There are also full moon cacao ceremonies which give you the opportunity to connect with others. The ritual is just as the name suggests, you eat cacao – 100% cacao – during the full moon. Believed to increase your connection with your inner self and open your heart chakra, the cacao allows you to be able to release old patterns and move towards a more self-confident space. The energy of the full moon is linked with the spirit of womanhood and many ceremonies are a sacred space for women. Gathering women for a drum circle creates vibrations of natural rhythm and transformative energy. WMN Space in Venice offers women’s full moon circle that I will get to one day. There is just something transformational sitting with like-minded women all trying to let go of their own obstacles.  

No matter the ritual you choose to partake in, I highly suggest taking in the power and energy of the full moon. 


Picture from Give Me Space


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