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Fuck Donald Trump: Killing Dreams

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Nia Hampton | Monday August 28th 2017

Killing Dreams


I’m not even going to address the nonsense that was Trump’s formal response to the Klan’s descent on Charlottesville, Virginia. Our collective energy is better served on minding how we’ll protect ourselves and communities as this administration emboldens racists to become even more violent. I will however, update you on other the dumb stuff he’s putting us all through.

He pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is an infamously racist politician known for targeting Hispanics. When he was elected in the early 1990’s he instituted “tent cities” in prisons where inmates were subjected to inhumane conditions. Starvation, pneumonia, heat strokes, these are just a few of the elements the immigrant detainees in Arpaio’s tent cities were relegated to. So far Arpaio has cost Arizona more than 40 million dollars in court fees and settlements. In July, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt and is now facing up to six months in prison. Yes, a mere six months for all the atrocities he’s committed. People have died in Arpaio’s prisons but he’s only facing six months imprisonment. Trump did not follow procedures in pardoning the former Arizona sheriff. He did not consult with the Justice Department. But none of this is surprising.

This month Trump seems dedicated to following through on the promises he gave to his supporters. While pardoning Arpaio he also found time to ban transgender people from the Military. It’s unclear whether current transgender members of the military will be forced out, but it’s banning transgender people in the future from enlisting. It’s also banning healthcare that would cover expenses relating to transitioning services.

To complete this ungodly trifecta of blatant discrimination, Trump is considering ending DACA- the Obama led program in which immigrants who could prove that they came to this country before the age of 16, had no prior convictions, lived stateside for 5 years continously, graduated High School or College, and were under the age of 31 when the law went into effect, (also known as Dreamers). Should Trump decide to end DACA, all of the migrant children who took a chance and enrolled in the program would become extremely vulnerable to this current administration. So much so that Immigration Advocacy groups are no longer encouraging undocumented people to enroll in DACA, as there is no telling what this administration will do next.

Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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