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Fuck Donald Trump…. “The End of Democracy?”

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Nia Hampton | Monday June 26th 2017



It’s been eerily quiet from the Cheeto Office these past few weeks. Perhaps, it’s because Trump is finally being investigated by the FBI, or maybe it’s all the other madness in the news cycle overshadowing the 45th President. (RIP Philando Castile). Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown on all the things Trump has done for the month of June.

The Blue Alert (the amber alert for police, yes this is a thing!) was just unanimously approved by the FCC. This means that when police officers are reported missing, seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, participating States with get alerts. The war on black lives is mainly fought through police brutality. This blue alert acts as dog whistle for the American population who believe most police are justified in their unlawful killing of citizens. It also leads one to believe that police are being targeted and killed at the same rate as black people. It’s basically the technological manifestation of the slogan, “Blue Lives Matter”. This move is subtle but aids the Trump administration on their road to complete and total fascism. Very sneaky Trump.

Non immigrant visa applicants may find themselves in purgatory as the Obama era rule, which stated that secretaries of state and homeland security had to have at least 80 percent of non-immigrant visa applicants interviewed within 3 weeks of receipt of application was terminated. The White House claims it’s a move to ensure safety, but this will probably just make travel into the US that much more harder.

Regulations are stalling. On par with the republican agenda to destroy the American government Trump is allowing federal regulations to become a thing of the past. Since being elected just 15 regulations were approved by the Office. Varying administrations are being negatively impacted by this lack of rule making, from the Food and Drug Administration to the Federal Aviation Administration as the lack of regulation stalls productivity.

As the Comey and Trump saga continues, it’s important that we not only stay tuned into everything this administration is doing, but realize the amount of illegal activity that for whatever reason we are still allowing to let happen in the Oval Office. In the past two weeks, the White house has only allowed two hand held cameras in, everyday more journalists are being jailed for doing their job and many politicians are finding the audacity to flat out avoid the press. I know that everyone is reeling from the latest victim of police violence, but I urge you all to tune out the black death porn cycle and understand that democracy as we thought we knew it is being secretly silenced under our very noses.

Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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