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Fuck Donald Trump: 6 Months in

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Nia Hampton | Monday July 24th 2017

6 months in

Looks like Trump administration is shuffling the deck again. Sean Spicer, perhaps the second most laughable member of this administration, has resigned from his role as White House Press Secretary. We thank God. According to the NYTimes.com, Spicer disapproves of Trump offering New York financier Anthony Scaramucci the role of new communications director. Scaramucci is a former hedge fund manager and currently the senior vice president and chief strategy officer at the Export-Import Bank. He also plans to give Trump even more rope to hang himself in the media. The Oval Office continues to turn into a reality TV show as rumors spread that people in Trumps circle refer to Scarmucci as “The Mooch”. Apparently, he’s a bit too friendly with Trump and that ruffles the feathers of other top advisors. Spicer seems to be relieved to leaving. According the the NYTimes.com, Spicer had grown tired of “being blindsided by Mr.Trump” and that annoying habit of holding off-camera briefings he developed these past 6 months? That’s less about rejecting the media and more about avoiding the critical eye of Trump. Although Trump may have mentioned that Spicer could have a potentially bright future in TV. I for one, would love to see him appear as himself on SNL in the near future.
In stranger news, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who earlier in the summer offered to resign in order to “do his job” and then recused himself from the Russia investigations due to potential “conflicts of interest” is being called out by Russia’s ambassador who insists the two did in fact meet twice last year. Not only did they meet, they met to discuss the 2016 campaign. Even Trump finds the claims a bit alarming. Which is telling considering that Trump calls the Russia Scandal “a hoax”. If it is a “hoax”, why worry about the possibility of Sessions meeting with Russian officials?  Especially, when everyone else in the White House seem to be making their own connection with the foreign power? According to the Washington Post, there are two types of lies currently being told to the Press by the Administration. Either the Russians are wrong or confused or Sessions did meet and forgot that they talked about politics. Both of these concepts are hard to prove as IS spy agencies are prone to intercepting information involving high ranking Russian officials. The evidence that Trump and his cronies did in fact receive help from Russia to win this election continues to pile up and we are only 6 months into this awful Presidency. How long will it take for someone to stand up and finally impeach El Cheeto?
Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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