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by Debra Brown

ban the hijab

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France To Ban the Hijab for Girls Under 18 

The French senate has voted against items of clothing deemed to be “religious,” including the hijab, to be worn by women under the age of 18 in public.

Muslim women with children, who do wear the hijab, will not be permitted to accompany their child on any school outings, and modest swimwear, such as burkinis, will also be banned at public pools. The strict laws, which are a part of the “Separatism Bill,” have not yet been passed as they will need to be confirmed by the National Assembly to come into effect.

In response to the French current affairs, Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad tweeted, “This is what happens when you normalize anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim hate speech, bias, discrimination, and hate crimes— Islamophobia written into law. May Allah protect our sisters.”

French president, Emmanuel Macron has previously suggested that the hijab may not fall in line with public guidelines and restrictions, he does not wish to ban them in public. The pending laws would be heavily impacting the Muslim women who live in France as well as those who wish to take a vacation to the country. 

While France has yet to implement the separatism bill and enshrine it as law,  heated conversations are being had across social platforms with Muslim women using the tag #handsoffmyhijab across various platform in protest. 


Inmates Stage Act of Civil Disobedience at St. Louis Jail

Detainees broke windows, set a fire and threw chairs and other items out of a third-floor window during the second significant uprising in two months at a downtown St. Louis jail.

During the uprising, up to 75 people on the ground shouted support for the inmates. The same jail was the site of a similar recent uprisings. 

Some inmates were heard yelling demands for court dates. Proceedings have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Supporters of the inmates also have complained about what they perceive as lax COVID-19 protocols inside the jail, and about other conditions inside the jail. The same concerns were at the heart of the February uprising, which involved more than 100 detainees.

Some detainees may be moved to a second jail, known as the “workhouse.” That jail has been under scrutiny for years amid complaints about unsanitary conditions.

Tishaura Jones made history as the first black woman elected as mayor in St. Louis. She ran as the most progressive candidate in the primary & the runoff and her campaign included support for ending cash bail, decriminalizing sex work, closing Workhouse jail, & more. 

Here’s the list of demands from the detainees inside the jail. 


Trial of Former Officer Derek Chauvin Update 

The chief of the Minneapolis Police Department and the doctor who pronounced George Floyd dead both testified in the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin, providing key support for prosecutors’ arguments that Chauvin’s actions last May killed Mr. Floyd.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo,   told prosecutors Chauvin violated department policies and showed a “disregard for life” when he kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes.

Lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense continued to argue over whether Chauvin violated police policy when he knelt on George Floyd, asking a range of questions to the witness, a crisis intervention coordinator with the Minneapolis Police Department.


Iran and U.S. Agree on Path Back to Nuclear Deal

The United States and Iran agreed through intermediaries on Tuesday to establish two working groups to try to get both countries back into compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

All parties agreed to establish one working group to focus on how to get the United States back to the deal by lifting harsh economic sanctions imposed or reimposed after the previous U.S. President pulled out of the accord in May 2018.

The other working group will focus on how to get Iran back into compliance with the accord’s limitations on nuclear enrichment and stockpiles of enriched uranium.

Iranian officials say they can return to compliance fairly quickly, but insist they want the United States to lift sanctions first. Washington wants Iran to return to compliance first.

The new working groups are intended to create a road map for a synchronized return of both countries to compliance.


Covid-19: Vaccine Rollout Around the World 

More than 677 million doses of the coronavirus vaccines have been administered, in 151 countries worldwide. Some countries have secured and delivered doses to a large proportion of their population – but many more are still waiting for their first shipments to arrive.

With an aim to give doses to nearly every adult around the world, this is the largest-scale vaccination programme in history.

The US and China have administered the highest number of doses, 167 million and 143 million respectively. India ranks third, with more than 83 million.

Many poorer countries are relying on deliveries from Covax, a scheme led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, together with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), which is trying to ensure everyone in the world has access to a Covid vaccine.

Covax plans to deliver about two billion vaccine doses globally by the end of the year, but many vaccines require two doses per person.

The world’s poorest nations face setback as India suspends vaccine exports amid fight over patent rights.


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