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Four Indie Jewelry Brands to Add to Your Collection Now

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday February 20th 2018

Indie Jewelry

Ah, Pretty Birds, can we all agree that there is just something so magical and special about jewelry? I first began my love affair with everything that sparkles at the young age of 16, when my parents allowed me to choose my first real piece of glittering adornment for my birthday. No longer relegated to children’s accessories of years prior, I finally stepped into the realm of adulthood with my first real piece of gold and gemstone.

Since that fateful day, I have had an obsession with collecting these tiny trinkets that borders on mania. There is just something so personal about jewelry that captures the imagination when it comes to dressing. While everyone can be wearing the same of-the-moment item, each girl can look totally different depending on how she accessorizes her ensemble.

So to channel your inner magpie, as well as mine, I’m rounding up some of the coolest indie jewelry brands on the market. From an LA-based line with a mission to create all your heirloom gems to a British label that looks like an art exhibit-cum- pirate’s treasure trove. These brands are defying expectations of what it means to create everlasting pieces and we are all better for it.

Indie Jewelry

                          Credit Ph: Retrouvai


Created behind the idea that jewelry is passed down through generations and picks up the stories and experiences of their wearer, Kirsty Stone, the brains behind this LA-based label, is endeavoring to bring the idea of the modern heirloom to millennials.  And this notion seems to be catching on in a big way with a veritable who’s-who of celebrity and fashion devotees like Kate Bosworth and Leandra Medine Cohen. From gorgeous pendants inspired by compasses to the sweetest animal signet rings, we predict that this brand will be blowing up in a big way soon.

Indie Jewelry

   Credit Ph: Joanna Laura Constantine

Joanna Laura Constantine

What happens when you mix funky free spirit design with edgy bold execution? You get the brand Joanna Laura Constantine. A longtime fan of the brand, this more-is-more aesthetic provides a jewelry lover with a little bit of everything. With a truly diverse series of collections, the brand still manages to feel cohesive and downright cool with its unexpected use of color and shapes. We particularly love the clever use hardware-inspired shapes added to the Organized Chaos collection.

Indie Jewelry

                          Credit Ph: Julia Shashkina

Becca Jewelry

British brand Becca Jewelry is no stranger to our site. While this charming line has been featured in various fashion roundups over the past year, we are finally giving these whimsically artistic pieces the love they deserve. With a collaboration out with Peter Jensen and a seriously swoon-worthy selection of coin inspired pieces, we definitely feel that brains behind the brand Becca Hulbert are ones to watch.

Indie Jewelry

   Credit Ph: Jessica Biales

Jessica Biales

From preppy Breton patterns, stunning sculptural silhouettes and a sleek sporty style, New York-based brand Jessica Biales and its namesake designer are making a very compelling argument for a less-is-more approach to jewelry. With an aesthetic that manages to marry both whimsical pop art vibes and ubercool minimalist sensibility, there is a little bit of something for everyone to love. In particular, we are lusting after all the stripe enamel-inlaid pieces that were inspired by British school scarves.

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