Forget the Winter Blues — These Colored Eyeshadow Looks Are Everything

by Team ATPB

I’m not sure what the weather’s like where you live, Pretty Birds, but here in Milan we’re used to waking up to a grey sky (it’s snowing!) and sub-zero temperatures. These days, the forecast hasn’t been giving us much hope. Those of you who’ve already started thinking about your spring wardrobe because, “Hey, it’s March already” will have to think again: a winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves are truly a must at the moment. On a brighter note, we can find comfort in adding a bit of color to our gray days with a little makeup!

One trend in particular dominated the catwalks last week and will continue doing so in the months ahead: beauty looks that focus on the eyes, so we can knock ourselves out trying out all the shades our hearts desire. From yellow (which is gorgeous on any complexion) to blue, pink and red; there will be thousands of nuances to choose from in order to liven up your gaze. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. “If you want to use bold colors on your eyelids,” warns Mac Cosmetics global senior artist Michele Magnini, “especially if you want to mix pop shades, apply some dark, soft tip eyeliner (or eye pencil) around your eye contour to add depth to your gaze. For an extra touch, add an abundant coat of black mascara.”

Are you, too, tempted to try a super pop eye makeup look to fight the winter blues? Here are some looks we’ve chosen for you.

Pop yellow
This is the best shade for those who have hazel eyes. You can apply it in two different ways: you can either smudge it over the mobile lid right up to the static lid, or you can opt for a creamy shadow to apply along the lash line only or all over the mobile eye lid.

This bright shade is perfectly suitable for all eye colors and is the bubbliest alternative to the classic pink. Ideally, it will be paired with other shades to create a super colorful eye makeup look.

This color enhances dark or hazel eyes. The metallic version of this color is recommended for those with dark skin while other nuances are perfectly suitable for any complexion.

Choose a pop version of this color which will suit anyone. Our suggestion? Go for nude lips and have fun matching your orange eye makeup with your outfit.

The coolest color at the moment. For a look that recalls summer, mix blue and acqua marine.

Why limit red to your lips only? Before smudging it onto your eyes, make sure your complexion is even and free of imperfections because this shade could emphasize them.

Ready to experiment with a new eye makeup look? What’s your favorite shade?

Credit ph: Pinterest

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