Favorites: Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe

by Charisse Kenion


It’s hard picking favorites, but to ensure we’re giving you the absolute latest when it comes to news and trends, today we are dishing the dirt and sharing some of our own favorites.

First up in this new series is Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe, AKA @skndoctor over on Instagram. We call her the Glow Queen and she definitely knows her way around a filler or two. With a thriving practice in London’s Soho, Ewoma has already become the go-to Cosmetic Doctor on sites such as Refinery 29 and i-D magazine. Read on to learn which products are floating her boat right NOW.


Eye Cream
“For the longest time, I never used an eye cream – which might surprise some people. I often felt like, ‘what’s the point’, but also, I have quite tough skin, so [instead of using an eye cream] I’d just apply my active products near my eyes anyway. (It’s not something that everyone should do though!) Currently, I’m trying out Bioderma’s Sensibio Eye Contour Gel. I really like the tube and how it makes it so easy to apply the cream under the eye. Also, I’m using Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Eye Cream (gifted). I like it a lot, but what really appeals to me is that it has Retinol in it, because you need weaker retinol for the under-eye area. I like the consistency of the product, and I think it’s made the skin under my eyes a bit softer. I’ve even heard that it helps with milia (often mistaken for whiteheads, but actually keratin-filled cysts that form under the skin) and the online reviews are really positive.”

“Oh, that’s so hard. Okay, so my all-time serum would be SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier; it’s really pricey but I love it. It’s like no other Hyaluronic Acid I’ve tried. It’s not tacky, or sticky and it literally makes my skin feel like a dream. I also really like the Professional-C Serum 20% from Obagi; it’s probably one of the most potent Vitamin C serums I’ve ever tried.”


“It depends on whether it’s my morning or evening cleanse. My fave morning cleanse is probably the Milky Lotion Cleanser by Epionce. There’s just something about it that I love. When my skin’s feeling a bit crusty or sensitive after going over the top with the actives, or I don’t want to give my skin too much of an intense cleanse, it’s perfect. In the evening I like the Blemish Control Bar by PCA Skin because it’s great when I’ve got a breakout. I’ll apply it and leave it on for two or three minutes before I wash it off. I also like MediK8’s Surface Radiance Cleanse; it’s an AHA/BHA blend and it’s even more gentle than the PCA bar.”

“Definitely the ZO Skin Health Sulfur Mask. I don’t think masks are a crucial part of anyone’s skincare routine, but this mask… I can’t remember the percentage of the Sulfur, but it’s perfect for when I’ve got a breakout or need spot treatment. The next day it’s either greatly reduced or gone completely. It’s so good. I love it.”

Emergency Go-To
“At the moment I really like Azelaic acid. I use prescription strength, 20 percent. But I know that The Ordinary does a cheaper version. It’s mainly for acne, even those with redness or rosacea can use it. I also find it helps a lot with the texture of my skin and making it glow, as well as pigmentation.”

Finishing Touch
“Bronzer! I used to be one of those girls that loved the Sleek contour kits, but now I use Nars Contour Blush in Melina. I’ve never used the highlighter but the bronzer part is really nice. I also recently picked up Fenty Beauty’s Sunstalk’r in Coco Naughty. It’s really nice. It’s not too far from my actual skin tone; it’s like a sheer wash of warmth, not too dark.”


“Has to be PCA Skin’s Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF30. No ashiness; it’s so nice. I’ve been using it for over six months. I also love Epionce’s Ultra Shield Lotion SPF50.”


Tweakment (more invasive type of situation)
“Cheekbones and chin. I got chin fillers done two or three weeks ago and loved it. Naturally, I don’t have much of a chin, so when I get it done it just helps to ‘improve’ the proportions of my face – and kinda hides my double chin. On my clients, cheekbone fillers make a big difference. Everyone wants cheekbones but often, all they have are full cheeks. Often people have hollow under-eyes so I will work above and below the problem area. Using fillers on the cheek area can give a lift – even filling out hollow temples can make a difference.”

Way to Pamper
“Dousing myself in moisturizer. I’ll take time with it, and maybe apply two or three moisturizers. If I have lots of time and am in that self-care mood, I like to layer moisturizers on. First, I’ll apply an emollient cream to begin with, something like CeraVe. Then I’ll use a humectant like glycerin or Hyaluronic Acid. Finally, I’ll apply an occlusive type of moisture – something like Aquaphor or Homeoplasmine – so it acts as a barrier and keeps the moisture in.”


Body Lotion
Aquaphor, but if I’m feeling sexy it will be Epara’s Comforting Body Cream. I call it my sexy cream. It smells divine.”

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