Our Favorite Hair Trend of 2018: Baby Bangs

by Team ATPB

A few days ago, I happened to stumble upon a picture of myself as a child. I was six years old, it was the first day of school and I was posing with my dad, who had given me a beautiful red backpack for the occasion. After shedding a few tears, I started observing the details of the photo and couldnt help but notice that hey, I had GREAT bangs that were perfectly paired with my short, straight bob which I honestly cant help but envy (strange, right?). Compared to my childhood haircut, the blue hair I have right now is really no big deal. And its not only an age thing


Baby Bangs Hair Trend

Time goes by and trends resurface. We saw it on all the catwalks at the Spring/Summer 2018 shows: baby bangs that is, bangs that sit about two centimeters above the eyebrows have made quite the comeback, along with curtain bangs.

Even stars are flaunting them from Emma Roberts to Rihanna, who paired them with a gorgeous pixie cut, to Beyoncé, Katy Perry and even Zendaya and Marion Cotillardbangs are definitely among the hottest hair trends right now.

We like them because they add character to any hair look and because theyre different from the usual bang length where bangs cover most, if not all, of the forehead, a look which we saw on red carpets, runways and in street style looks. In any case, baby bangs are not that easy to manage and need some special attention. Here are some tips we think youll find useful if you decide to experiment with a new haircut.


Baby bangs: everything you need to know before having your hair cut

The first thing you should know if youre going to opt for short bangs is that they really emphasize your facial features.

If you have a very large forehead, these bangs might actually make it more noticeable. On the contrary, if you have a small forehead and want bangs, this is the length for you.

Moving on to face shapes, short bangs are very flattering if you have an oval face, but they also suit those with square and round faces because they somehow seem to create balance among features. However, if you have a diamond-shaped or triangular face you should avoid short bangs because they might make your features appear even more pronounced.

Straight hair or curly hair? It goes without saying that people with straight hair have an advantage so far as managing short bangs goes, while for those with curly hair this becomes practically impossible due to the bulgingeffect that is created. Yet, as usual, there are no set rules. What counts is that you are satisfied with the end results and that you feel comfortable.

But now back to uscould I actually show off the same bangs I had when I was six? Obviously not! First of all, because over the years my face has changed a lot, and secondly because my hair has become wavyessentially, there is an appropriate haircut for every moment in your life. Its up to us to find the right one for the current season.

If youre still convinced baby bangs are the best bangs for you right now, be inspired by the haircuts weve chosen for you: which one is your favorite?

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