Farfetch: City Stories

by Tamu McPherson

I’ve been a fan of a great denim look ever since I was a little girl. Inspired by images of Bob Marley performing in double denim with red stage lights illuminating his locks, to a similarly clad Marvin Gaye in the studio with his red  beanie cap, denim has long been a staple in my closet. When it comes to denim styles, I love a model with a distinct flair – Bob’s artistry was supernatural, and Marvin’s hotness, well that supernatural too – I need that little extra bit of swagger if you know what I mean. So this Spring, I partnered #withfarfetch to show you the ultimate pair. High waist (my preference) with a massive ruffle, these jeans scream I did not come to play. I came to dance! Here I am in Milan at the base of the iconic Torre Velasca. Visit Farfetch for my edit of the pieces I’m loving this season and enjoy our little Q&A below.

Farfetch: How long have you lived in Milan?
Tamu McPherson: I have lived in Milan for 14 years.

F: Which neighbourhood do you live in?
TMP: I live in the center of the city.

F: Where you were born?
TMP: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica.

F: Where are you in these images?
TMP: We are near Torre Velasca one of Milan’s most iconic examples of architecture.

F: How would you describe the way you dress?
TMP: My style is adventurous, I love mixing new trends with my personal go to’s.

F: What are you obsessed with at the moment?
TMP: I’m obsessed with making sure that I wear every item in my closet multiple times.

F: What could you never live without?
TMP: A cozy grey sweat top, a great pair of vintage wash genes, a silk scarf, a great pair of sunglasses.

F: What’s been your proudest professional achievement?
TMP: I’m still on the journey.

F: Who do you look to on Instagram for style inspiration day to day.
TMP: I have a long list of women who I follow for their style, their eye and their message.

F: What does your city mean to you?
TMP: My city means home and family.

F: What is the one specific place in your city that people don’t know about? Lunch spot, gig venue, restaurant etc.
TMP: Centro Botanico, an organic supermarket on Via Solferino recently started offering an aperitivo with all organic ingredients, including the alcohol.

F: What’s the best dish/drink on the menu that we should order?
TMP: I believe that they have a good whisky.

Images by Ivan Grianti.


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