The fall boot proving you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style

by Jessie Ajluni

Sock Boots


Sock boots have been popping up on our fashion radar since Vetements first sent their gym sock BIC-lighter creations down the runway last year, and again later when they appeared in Yeezy’s monochromatic mega collection, they quickly became one of the most coveted, and DIY’d, pieces of the season. But, this street style staple is evolving in all the right kind of ways. While still keeping its urban roots, designers are starting to take these knit showstoppers and turning the style dial to eleven.  

From Ferragamo’s ultra-cool tech knit wonders to Balenciaga’s lace embossed beauties these minimalist silhouettes have become the perfect canvas for designers to play with textures and patterns; creating some of the season’s most unexpected showstoppers.  Plus, these fashion wunderkinds are extremely comfortable to wear with their elastane ankles making them the perfect thing to rock through the fashion month madness. So what are you waiting for?! Check out the complete round up of the best sock boots of the season below.

  • Sock Boots
    Ferragamo Tech Knit Booties

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