All About Makeup Play: 3 Fall Beauty Trends 2019

by Charisse Kenion

fall 2019 beauty trends


I’ve been working in hair and beauty media for about 13 years, and the one thing I’ve learned is that whatever trend is popular at the moment, we’ve definitely seen it before. Of course, what changes are the tools we use to create the looks. As someone who loves to play with makeup — when my temperamental skin allows it — I tried out three makeup trends that are easy enough for everyone to try at home. Rather than calling them fall trends, I think we’re moving away from specific trends of ‘plum and burgundy for fall’ and dewy looks for spring; instead, much like fashion, we’re doing what we want, when we want. 


fall beauty trends


Look 1: Blushing All Over
For me, a diehard bronzer fan, I was super resistant to wearing blush-all-over, even though it’s a trend that’s been popping up every few years, most likely thanks to its disco reputation. Check out any movie or book that’s about Studio 54 and you’ll see the likes of Debbie Harry and Bianca Jagger wearing blush like it’s a moisturizer. It was also a major look in the ‘80s and ‘90s – Google any Robert Palmer music video and you’ll see what I mean. So, how do you wear blush all over without looking like a clown?


fall beauty trends

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I started with finding the perfect shade. I got tips from Clayton Reid, a Senior Makeup Artist at Nars, while he was doing a guest slot at my local Nars counter. He pointed me straight to a shade that I never would have looked at in the past called Seduction, the blush is kind of a burgundy tone that I always would have believed to be too dark and too deep for my skin, but I was so wrong. It goes on like a dream, is easily build-able and is more of a warm pink tone. 


Once I found my shade, I followed some tips from Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel; she has a great video where she only uses blush to do her makeup. I didn’t contour in the way that I normally would with a bronzer, but I was still shaping my face, and, rather than defining my hairline, I stopped at the temples so I wouldn’t look too done. The rest of my face was just brows, one coat of mascara and a gorgeous Nars lipgloss in Super Orgasm. Rather than finding this overly dramatic, it feels like a super pretty minimal  look.


fall beauty trends


Look 2: Electric Blue Eyes
Did you check out my interview with Brooke DeVard, host of the Naked Beauty Podcast, yet? Well, it’s Brooke who inspired me to go buy an electric blue eyeliner. It looks AMAZING on just about any skin tone. I opted for the Nars High-Pigment Longwear Eyeliner in Ocean Drive because I love blending eyeshadows into a pencil for a different take on the smokey eye. For this look, it was all about creating a graphic liner that wasn’t overly perfect. Blue is always seen on the catwalk, but it’s often done in a way more geometric or graphic way. Wearing it every day calls for a formula you feel comfortable with and a subtle lip. 



fall beauty trends

Look 3: Full-On Drama
The one beauty rule I’m against? The one that says we must focus on only one aspect of our face. One should never do dramatic eyes and a bold lip! Well, seriously, who cares? I’m a major fan of excessive drama – I mean, do you think makeup queen Pat McGrath lets anyone tell her what to do? 

I used a few colors from a Morphe palette I’ve had for a while and my favorite eyeliner, aka the best eyeliner in the world, Troy Surratt’s Auto-Graphique Eyeliner. When it came to the lips, I could either tone things down with a rosy nude or go for broke, with a blue-based red from Nars, the Starwoman Powermatte. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the only liquid lip you will ever need. It’s amazing, and this is coming from someone who has tried more than her fair share of matte lipsticks. 

The funny thing about this look? I asked my husband what he thought and he said “Whoa, she’s really going for it today”. And I was fine with that. I truly adore how makeup is accessible to all, with any budget, and how it allows us to play. And you know what, don’t let anyone judge you, because it all comes off!


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