How to Make the Wild Eyebrow Trend Your Own


How to Make the Wild Eyebrow Trend Your Own

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Michela Marra | Wednesday November 29th 2017

While Gucci and Miu Miu have ensured that nearly everything 70’s-inspired is currently en vogue, the one thing we can be confident won’t be back anytime soon is the ubiquitous thin gull’s wing eyebrows.

Seventies beauty icons like Ursula Andress loved to distract from their barely-there brows with a heavily lined lid flanked by thick, clogged lashes. Similarly, I have an old picture of Romy Schneider at her most youthful and exuberant with the most fabulous super blue eyelids I have ever seen… but directly above were the flat notes of her unenhanced brows, plucked into obscurity as a sign of the times.

Flash forward to present day, with the upswing of the “Boy Brow” and the twin phenomenon that live at the bottom of Cara Delevingne’s forehead, the flimsy whisps of 1970’s over-plucking (and their unfortunate 1990’s reappearance) are out, and a thick, strong brow is officially in.

Beauty experts agree that today, well-groomed eyebrows are essential in defining our personal beauty look. Establishing the right gaze means creating a frame for the entire face, and pencil thin eyebrows are definitely not the solution.

Here’s why the trend for 2018 is still “wild.” Wild eyebrows − yes exactly like Cara Delevinge’s: with all of the irreverence that distinguishes them, the model-turned- actress brought her new look that screams “girl power!” to the catwalk launching a trend that is practically indestructible.

Beatrice D’Uffizi, brow expert at The Brow Bar, a delightful haven in the heart of Milan where brow care has become a sort of religion, is convinced of this.

“What we try to tell our clients,” the expert says, “is that it is important to allow brows to grow properly in order to create the best possible shape.”

2018 completely embraces a savage style, but in order to flaunt a perfect brow, it is essential to use specific products “like serums that are enriched with precious oils and elements (like chili pepper!) which stimulate growth and strengthen the hair follicle.”

To thicken eyebrows and accelerate their growth: Ossential Lash Enhancing Serum di ZO Skin Health

Once achieving the perfect shape, it is up to us to maintain of our gaze by eliminating superfluous, stray hairs on a weekly a basis.

Another key word is henna. “You need it to cover any ‘holes’, as well as to define a precise shape, which we’ll then work with,” says D’Uffizi. ‘No’ to wax because “over prolonged periods of time it can modify your eyelid.” Scissors are also completely forbidden, because “hair will then not grow back properly.” So, what are the essential tools of the trade? Tweezers and thread – which allow for absolute precision.

To finish the eyebrow arch designed by removing stray hairs with precision: professional tweezers by Diego Dalla Palma.

And if you really dislike thick eyebrows, no problem: enlist the help of experts in order to find the right compromise while maintaining your own personal style. Easy, isn’t it?

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