Ciao, Ciao Summer!

by Tamu McPherson


The End of Summer.

This morning, many of us said a final bittersweet farewell to Summer as we stepped out of the door and into a normal Tuesday, or in my case onto an airplane on my way to New York for fashion week, always my official kick off for Fall.

I started this summer needing some restoration. I went overboard this year with travel, worked a bit harder than I had expected I would, and I was looking forward to spending some much needed time with family and friends stateside, as I do every year. But my much needed R&R consistently remained out of reach as my news alerts regularly plagued my tranquility – every time that I got close to powering down a little, I was inevitably pushed to the edge of my seat with the latest abysmal newsflash from the White House. It’s nothing short of psychological warfare. And the constant onslaught of horrifying Trump acts left me feeling a little numb, a fact that somewhat dulled the carefree and joy-filled interaction that I usually share with my loved ones during the sun-kissed days of the season. While I have lots of great (rosé-tinted) memories, which I am grateful for, it nonetheless feels like there was always a weight on my chest preventing me from fully achieving the lightness that I so needed.

Today, after a 24-hour trip home to Milan to accompany PJ to his first day back at school, I returned to New York, and when the plane touched down I was greeted by the news I had been dreading: Trump has dismantled DACA, a.k.a. The Dreamers Act. For the next ten days I, an immigrant, will be attending the runway shows and presentations of New York designers, many of whom are the children of immigrants or are immigrants themselves, in the company of my friends that are also immigrants, all working in an industry who knows very well the truly invaluable contributions of immigrants worldwide. My heart sank.

When I am done with my travels this Fashion Month, I will have seen shows in four cities, I will have (at least briefly) embraced my friends from all points of the globe, and we will all together see what fresh and powerful optimism this industry sees for the future through the Spring 2018 collections. Fashion is so uplifting this way, because we are always thinking of the future, because we are always working together, because we really are a global community. In these times, embracing that power to defend and give voice to those who need it most is our responsibility.

This Fall, take time to care for yourselves, Pretty Birds. Connect with your friends, eat well, dance, take care of your heart- and live in the moment. This fight is long from over. If you have also let the news knock you down a few times over these last few months, remember that you will need your strength in order to continue standing up for others, and that you as a person are an important piece of the Resistance.

We’ll continue our World News coverage throughout the next month along with my coverage of the shows, and I hope you will join me over the next few weeks in working to restore our collective strength through beauty, passion and optimism.


Read Nia Hampton’s Things to do now that Trump has won the United States of America 2016 Election for tips on how to manage the stress and uncertainty related to his administration’s policies and legislation.

Image by Eleonora Adani

Look by Miu Miu

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