Embracing Goddess Energy in Astrology

by Adama Sesay

goddess energy


Self-discovery has become a necessity in today’s world. Humanity has developed an interest in understanding themselves, who they are, and what their purpose is. The more in tune and connected you are with your inner self, the more respected and valued you ultimately are, by yourself as well as others! Practices like astrology have become a go-to for women looking to develop and get in touch with their divine feminine power and wisdom. 


Understanding Goddess Energy in Astrology

It is essential as a woman, to understand who you are on both a conscious and subconscious level in order to develop your fullest potential. Society can try and shape who you are. Still, it is only through a spiritual journey of introspection that you start to discover yourself. Once you are confident in who you are, and you know your true self, nothing or no one can break you as your self-understanding is stronger than anything. 


We all have the ingrained goddess energy that has been gifted to us to nurture, create, love, care, and protect. In astrology, many aspects indicate where your goddess energy lies and what it consists of. Possessing an awareness of these aspects can aid you in developing into your fullest potential by harnessing and tapping into your divine feminine qualities, and working on strengthening them. 


Here are the most critical indicators in a natal chart to look at when you want to work on harnessing and developing your feminine energy: 


Ceres: An asteroid known as the “Earth mother.” In Mythology, Ceres’s daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped by Pluto (Hades). The power of Ceres’s motherly love eventually returned her daughter to her. This aspect indicates how you make use of your maternal force. It shows how you will look after your health, as well as the health of others. Ceres designates how we nurture, how we protect, and how we look after ourselves and those around us. Representing fertility and motherhood, it betokens your ability to bring life into this world and help it grow through nurturing. When you think of how powerful the love of a mother is, Ceres represents our ability to provide that unconditional love. 


Juno: The wife of Jupiter (Zeus). Juno was admired for her devotion and loyalty to her husband. This asteroid indicates your marriage partner and your ability to remain committed to another. Juno is what attracts you to your soulmate, and shows your capacity for ultimate loyalty and devotion. She is the provider of the feminine energy in a marriage. Juno indicates the kind of person you will end up with, your level of loyalty, and what your life with your marriage partner will ultimately be. 


Black Moon Lilith: She is known to be the first wife of Adam. Wanting to be his equal, instead of his subservient, she left him. Lilith indicates the side in ourselves that is more primal and uncontrollable that cannot be tamed, whereas Eve (Adam’s second wife) represents a more patriarchal, submissive side. We all have a little bit of Lilith and a little bit of Eve in us. The aim of empowering yourself through Lilith is to connect with your primal instincts in a pure, loving way. An ill aspected Lilith can lead to a weaker sense of self-assurance, and a well-aspected Lilith can lead to a native that is incredibly liberating and powerful. Lilith is vital to identify the side to you that can be unpredictable and to allow a more balanced level of control between our sentient and primal selves. As we age, we lose touch with our wild side, Lilith shows us how to reconnect with our inner wild goddess, instead of keeping her hidden and suppressed. 


Vesta: An asteroid that is symbolized by the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome that were worshippers of Vesta. The Vestal virgins had to flame the fire in Rome, which represented the spiritual heart of Rome. It is believed that as long as the flame was kept alive, Rome would remain protected. This story is a beautiful symbolism for how feminine energy is needed to nurture and care, and how it can be protective and guarding. Vesta indicates how you nurture and keep your home alive, like the flame in Rome. It shows how bright or dim your inner light is, and how much of yourself you are willing to give. Vesta is also an indicator of which area of your life is male-dominated. It represents your male side as well, and how you allow your male and female energy inside yourself to work in unison. Do you let the masculine energy overpower the feminine energy or vice versa?


Venus – The goddess of love, beauty, and harmony. This planet represents our love style and what we admire. Venus is the ruler of all matters of the heart, and it is responsible for our capacity to give and receive love. Every cheesy feeling, every romantic sentiment we experience, is linked to our Venus placement. When we feel those butterflies in our tummy when we see that particular person, Venus is what creates those butterflies, and what also creates the initial attraction. This planet will represent the mannerisms in which you display your love. 


The Moon: The personal, inner self. (Your inner world). The Moon is your emotional nature. It represents the inner sentiments that govern and drive your day to day life that is not visible to others but only accessible to you to experience. When you laugh or cry, the Moon causes this. As opposed to Ceres, which explains how we nurture others and our environment, the Moon represents how we nurture our inner self. If you have self-destructive tendencies or self-loving tendencies, it can be presented by the Moon in a birth chart. 


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Illustration by Janelle Burger @janelleburger


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