Embracing Femininity & Sensuality With Inspiration From Ev’yan Whitney

by Chloe' Flowers

embracing femininity

Lately, I’ve been exploring my more feminine and sensual side. There are so many layers to pull back in this area of womanhood. Because of societal expectations, women haven’t always been given a fair opportunity to deeply explore sensuality. So much shame and taboo have come along with being sensual throughout the lives of women – including myself. In the last two years, I’ve been motivated to revisit that side of myself after following sexuality doula and sex educator, Ev’yan Whitney. Ev’yan has a passion for reconnecting women to their sensual feminine awakenings and pleasure in general. Seeing her in dainty lingerie taking shameless selfies really pushed me to an unmerciful chapter of coming back to myself.


Embracing Femininity and Sensuality

These days, practicing my femininity looks a lot like BUYING those earrings I want. Wearing sexy things around the house – even if I’m working or doing dishes. Making sure I’m wearing clothing that makes me feel sexy and confident consistently, taking extra time for grooming. Tapping into my feminine being also looks like saying yes to the things that bring me pleasure and joy. It is the revelation that I deserve all things good and then some. This practice is a reminder that I am beautiful and can achieve anything I put my mind to – because I am abundant



In the process of growing to love yourself, you may find that self-comparison is inevitable. Knowing what sets you apart from any other person is the key to confidence. Like the popular circulating quote we see over and over on social media: “No one is you and that is your power.”
This statement is so true because you are truly unique in every way. Seeing carefully chosen, and edited pictures of beautiful humans all day on Instagram can stifle your confidence and even have you questioning your own beauty and self-worth. Make a list of all the things you love about yourself, that make you an individual. The list you make should hold your best qualities. When that self-comparison starts to kick in, pull out your list and return home to yourself. It is okay to have feelings of doubt, as long as you don’t let them stay. The most important thing is being able to return to a place of positivity.  


How to Practice Body Positivity

Practicing body positivity is the best way to start engaging and heightening your self-confidence. Body positivity is a call of action to celebrate your body even with all of its flaws. If you are in the beginning stages of your journey to accepting your body, the first thing you want to do is acknowledge all that it does for you. Your body wakes you up every day, to give you more life. Your body inhales and exhales so that you can breathe and function. Your body digests your food to give you energy to make it throughout your day. A gentle reminder of the body’s biological operations can give you a new love and respect for your vessel. To wake up and live our life is a privilege. The sooner you understand your physical privilege, the sooner you appreciate your body in any form that it’s in. 


Compliment other women, because showing physical gratitude will produce self-gratitude. The more positive you are towards other body types, the more supportive you can be for yourself. When you see a woman and your brain’s natural reaction is to judge her physical being, this is only a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. If it’s hard for you to accept compliments when you receive them, try to teach yourself to just say “thank you” and smile. Body positivity is a daily practice.


While on my journey of practicing body positivity, I tried to take selfies and videos of myself quite consistently. I realized that when I was feeling insecure, I didn’t take many pictures or celebrate my beauty. In order to turn that around, you need to love yourself out of insecurity. Look at pictures of yourself, get used to your face. Get to know your flaws and things you don’t like so much about yourself and then love them anyway. If you can lovingly accept the flaws in the people you love, you can accept your own flaws too.


Embracing YOUR Sexy 

If you are looking to turn your sexy up, here are a few things that I’ve tried that really work. The first one is to eat clean. If you feel good on the inside, your outsides will correspond. Clean eating is essential when trying to meet your inner goddess. Next, I would suggest dancing more. In general, when it comes to dancing – I’m really shy. Dancing is so close to sensuality because you’re allowing your body to just flow and do what feels good and natural. Dancing alone and looking into the mirror is a really good way to open the sacral chakra – and with it, the feminine flood gates. The next time you’re alone and your song comes on, try moving your body. Waist beads have been said to enhance the feminine and sensual side – and you can order some here


Being a woman is amazing. You deserve to experience all of the good things about being a woman. One last piece of advice to a sensual woman on her journey from sexpert Ev’yan herself: “She breathes with her whole body, makes sure every cell is oxygenated. Because of this, tension has a tough time staying trapped in her body.” 


I hope you find the time to take this holistic and intentional approach to your sensuality. Until next time Pretty Birds. 


Image by: @pansyco


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