Eight ways to spend summer at the best


Eight ways to spend summer at the best

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Michela Marra | Friday August 4th 2017

Eight ways to spend summer at the best

How to make the best of summer? Or rather: how to take advantage of relaxation of the holidays and of the sun that kisses the skin to improve the health of our face, our body and our hair? Here is for you a beauty mini-guide with tips to spend holidays at the top.

The keyword for body and face. The sun’s rays constantly attack the skin when we are at the sea, in the mountains or even when we are walking in the city. To avoid that annoying feeling of “skin pulling” and to enhance the colour you need to use an ad hoc product, which is either a cream or an oil, according to your preferences.

The recommended product: Body Milk by Aquolina.Its formula, enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter, cuddles and hydrates the skin, making it velvety to the touch and nourished in depth.

A fast makeup
Whether it’s waterproof and lasts all day long, choose long lasting but moisturizing solutions, from primer to lipstick to cream eye shadows.

The recommended product: Fix Potion by Paolap, a waterproof, fixing spray, with all over formulation and free of alcohol. The water-based formula creates an invisible and imperceptible protection, ensuring maximum resistance. Enriched with pomegranate extract and castor oil, for an antioxidant and moisturizing action.

Make up glow
Fast and bright for a sun kissed effect: this is the summer make up for excellence.

The recommended product: The Bronzing Powder by La Mer, a compact powder that is velvety and glittering to the touch.

Healthy hair
Saltiness is not really a beauty ally for hair, even for those who love the opaque and slightly typical effect you get after a day at the seaside. In the evening never forget to use a disentangling balm that nourishes the lengths.

The recommended product: Almond Oil and Maple Linfa Balm by Garnier has a creamy formula that embraces the hair and disentangles them without making them heavy.

Perfect feet
Pedicure is a must if you wear sandals. To avoid having to book an appointment from the beautician, just use some ad hoc solutions.

The recommended product: Smoothing Foot Scrub by Alma K is an intense scrub, enriched with Dead Sea minerals, delicate and exfoliating apricot seed powders and rice that regulate and re-integrate natural moisturization, for a soft skin like silk.

How to intensify and preserve it? With nourishing body product and scrub that eliminate dead cells.

The recommended product: Micro-Exfoliating Defence Scrub by BioNike is a product with a rich and creamy texture, a high lipid content, which facilitates the removal of superficial cells in a non-aggressive way.

Taking care of the face
Do not forget the usual steps of beauty routine as cleansing: it is best to use a moisturizing and lightweight product, followed by a cream with a non-heavy texture.

The recommended product: Lancôme Miel en Mousse. With Acacia honey extract, it becomes a velvety mousse that eliminates any residue for a gentle cleansing.

The best fragrances this season are light, based on citrus and fruity notes such as lemon, orange and bergamot. It is better to apply them after a day at the sea.

The recommended product: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria Eau de Toilette. A fragrance that is like a walk in the gardens of Bergamot.


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