Eight Hairdos We Really Love

by Team ATPB

Eight Hairdos We Really Love by Michela Marra

Hi Pretty Birds,

Even though summer isn’t the best season for making rash decisions on a whim (you need to pay careful attention to color choices if you’re going to be spending time at the sea or pool), we are literally obsessing over all the new hair color options. We also still really like bangs and geometric haircuts that are a bit vintage, despite trends that dictate wavy or curly bangs like Jessica Biel’s in “Flashdance,” remember? What about updos? Celebs and IT girls love half buns, and braids also continue to be popular (they’ll be trendy throughout the year and next season, too!). Here are eight hairdos we saw on Instagram and would like to copy right away. Wouldn’t you?

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