Does This 60 Second Skincare Rule Really Work?

by Alyx Carolus



From green beauty to K-beauty, serums to vampire facials, the skincare world is a tough one to navigate, especially when it comes to finding a product that would actually work for you. Women all around the world have a plethora of brands to choose from and various skin tones and skin types, and then, you still need to figure out how and when you’re going to use the stuff. 

But luckily Nayamka Roberts-Smith helped us find one solution we could all try. The US-based esthetician, known as @LABeautyologist on Twitter uses her platform, which has over 100k followers, to share valuable basic advice that specifically centres women of color in the skincare space. Her latest skincare hack is valuable knowledge to both budding skincare lovers and beauty experts, all in the name of actually washing your face: the simple, yet effective 60 Second Rule. The hack is all in the name, according to Nayamka Roberts-Smith we should all be washing our faces for 60 Seconds, in order to effectively clean off the everyday grit and grime. All The Pretty Bird’s Alyx Carolus breaks down just how to do that. 


So what’s the 60 Second Rule?

Late last year, Nayamka shared a crucial yet simple professional skincare hack with her audience. She tweeted out that most people didn’t bother to wash their faces long enough for the cleanser to work. She advised to try washing your face for sixty seconds, so the chemicals in your cleanser can breakdown the sebum, clear out blockages which she said in turn improves your skin’s texture and overall health. And this simple piece of advice went viral, the original tweet has over 6000 retweets and 12 000 likes. 


Why is it so popular? 

The answer is simple, this pro-tip didn’t cost any money and I could start implementing that very evening when I did my nighttime skincare routine. The response to the original tweet has been tremendous, with users all over the world commenting about how the hack has helped their skin and shown a visible difference within a couple of days. 

One Twitter user and avid skincare enthusiast, @sugaryoblivion mentioned that she’d been trying the #60SecondRule for 13 days and shared that her skin was showing major improvements, with fewer breakouts and significantly less texture overall.

And because this tip shows results, a lot of #60SecondRule disciples are sharing their results with others, how they got started and how much they love how easy it was to integrate into their routine. The results were tangible, scores of women are tweeting about how just doing this one thing (#60SecondRule) changed their skin.

When you think about it, washing your face for longer so that your cleanser can work makes sense. However, there is a risk of overdoing it with cleansers and harsh exfoliants, so be gentle with your skin barrier. As mentioned before, navigating beauty routines is hard. You might require new products as the seasons change, your skin barrier has different needs as it ages and it’s all just hard to keep up. 

But in the midst of picking a new SPF product or serum, here was something I could do right now and moving forward. 


How can I start?

Make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser that won’t strip or irritate your skin (no walnut scrubs, Pretty Birds!). Set a timer for your routine. If you’re double cleansing with an oil-based product first, hit that timer for 60 seconds. And another minute for your follow-up cleanse. If you’re not wanting to set a timer on your phone, just do as Nayamka says on Twitter, and hum the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. 

I tried the #60SecondRule and the results were incredible —- softer skin, smoother texture and fewer breakouts. And, I know the Fresh Prince theme song off by heart now. 

Are you in the process of trying out green beauty or natural skincare? Have you tried out the #60SecondRule? Let us know how you’re feeling about skincare and what you’re doing now. We love hearing from you!


Image: Vitoria Santos


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