Pinko P_ Jean Featuring Marta Festa

by Tamu McPherson

marta Festa Pinko P_Jean 1

Pinko launches New Denim Line p_ jean in celebration of the iconic role that the fabric plays in our everyday lives. One of the most versatile wardrobe staples ever invented, denim’s cool factor transcends style categories and can be worn by anyone – it is truly a democratic fabric.

As part of their launch, Pinko invited me to photograph the collection on some of the girls that I am currently obsessing about. In this installment I meet up with Marta Festa, an amazingly creative, ambitious and fashion addicted high school student. I was really impresses by how she has already honed her personal style and by her love for style icon and revolutionary Vivienne Westwood. She’s also a treat to photograph as she really knows how to work some denim. Please enjoy getting to know her P_Jean style.

Name: Marta Festa
Occupation:  I’m a style addicted fashion student in high school.
Passion:  My biggest passion is to create clothes.
Hometown:  Milano
Current town:  Milano, but I travel a lot.
Favorite city: I still have not found my favorite city but I think it will be Belgrade.
Favorite breakfast:  I like to wake up in the morning and drink a glass of milk with a slice of chocolate tart or pancakes and chocolate.
Beauty and wellness routine:  I take care of my skin with aloe creams and I use them on my hair, eyelashes and Argan oil on my eyebrows.
Describe your style:  I like my style because I think that is unique and is a combination of culture and what I’ve studied all of these years. My style is Gypsy, like my lifestyle.
Style rules:  My style rule is to love yourself and feel good with yourself with the garments that you are wearing, this is the most important rule.
Favorite place: I like isolated places of solitude, where you can be alone and think, but I also like the folk places where you laugh, drink and dance all the time.
Favorite Musician:  My favorite music is Gypsy or folk music. My favorite musicians are Fabrizio De André and Gogol Bordello.
Favorite fragrance: Absolutely “Boudoir” by Vivienne Westwood, it’s my amulet.
What do you think about Denim? I love wearing denim because it’s an evergreen and is really comfortable. I have lots of pairs of denim jeans and I like to customize them. 

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