Why a Denim Jacket and White Button Down are My Go To’s

by Tamu McPherson

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 1

Imagine this:

You order your favorite FW18/19 Rosie Assoulin trousers (Roki recently wrote about flare trousers) and, to match, a fabulous Hellessy top – a designer that you’ve always wanted to wear, but for one reason or another never had the opportunity to get your hands on. The two pieces arrive and you squoosh your post all-August- long rosé/Mexican/summer American cuisine body into the trousers (that’s ok they’ll fit perfectly after a few weeks of responsible eating); but, your new top is too big because alas, you weren’t familiar with the brand’s fit.

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 1
Denim jacket by Current Elliott, white button down by J.Crew, trousers by Rosie Assoulin, sunglasses by Celine, earrings are a gift from Pamela Love.

It’s the middle of fashion week for me, or a super important event in your world and you really want to wear the look. So what does one do? Well, I tried it on with a paper thin J.Crew turtleneck that the I picked up after I saw Tracee Ellis Ross wearing it in one of her fabulous Instagram posts. But the look wasn’t flattering because my post holiday FUPA was out to play – I own it. Or why not style the outfit with a hoodie or sweatshirt? Ahhh, I wore my favorite grey sweatshirt on my flight to NY and spilled tea down the front, and didn’t think to pack my red oversize hoodie. Wait, you know what would also look great with this look? The Rejina Pyo faux leather seventies style jacket that I had been mulling over in my head. Too bad I didn’t purchase it until after the fact – but stay tuned because I will shoot the look together soon.

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 5

Fast forward to 8am on the day that we want to wear the look. As I rummaged through the clothes that I had piled on my hotel bed in hopes of styling a lewk as fantastic as I originally imagined, I had a light bulb moment. While looking through my obelisque style window at the sea of buildings outside, I thought to my myself, “the pants are already so ornate, why not just throw on a slouchy white button down?” You can never go wrong with a classic white shirt. Chic and tailored to your curves or baggy and borrowed from a guy friend, this closet hero has made many a look.

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 2

I immediately walked over to the drawer where I keep my staples and pulled one out. The only problem left was that it was raining outside, and I could see my white shirt getting totally drenched by noon. And in an “aha moment” as my spiritual guide Oprah calls them when she is referring to important game changing realizations, my denim jacket popped into my head to complete the look. I decided years ago that a good denim jacket is an essential travel companion. It’s a great piece for “edging up” or “dressing down” a look. Mine is soft and oversize so it’s fit is quite cozy, and since I often feel cold, it’s the perfect item to have in case the temperature drops.

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 3

So in the end, after all the deliberations on what I would wear with these trousers, I turned to a couple of tried and true staples. What pieces have become your go to’s over the the years? Share them in the comments. I’m always looking for a style tip to add to my list.

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 7

Flare Trousers

  • Ellery High Waisted Fitted Flared Trousers

Denim Jacket and White Button Down 6

Images shot in China Town as a part of my New York Fashion Week SS/19 collaboration with Darrel Hunter of Mode Hunter.

Check out our West Village neighborhood shot.

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