Delicious Breakfast Tacos for this Weekend’s Brunch

by Tamu McPherson

Delicious Breakfast Tacos for this Weekend’s Brunch By Tamu McPherson


Hey There Pretty Birds,

I’m a huge fan of tacos and try to get my fill when I am out in the Hamptons every Summer. La Fondita has the best ones in the area. When I don’t have the time to join the long lines at the Mexican quick-serve counter in Amagansett, or when my friend Andrea “Titi” Carletti of Street Food Mobile isn’t in town to whip up a delicious plate, I make my own at home. I mostly prepare seafood tacos, but when I started pulling ingredients from the fridge this past weekend, I discovered that my husband had thrown away my leftover branzino while completing one of his weekend-refrigerator sweeps. I love using leftovers to prepare new dishes, and yes I could have pulled all of his hair out when I realized my branzino had made it to the trash, but he’s cute so I let it go. Branzino trashed, and considering that it was 9:30am, I changed gears and grabbed eggs and some turkey bacon for a breakfast taco instead. Yummy right? And perfect for brunch at your house this weekend.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Soft corn taco shells (quantity depends on number of guests, my family and I ate two-three tacos a person).2. Six large organic eggs (I added two more)
3. Two slices of bacon
4. Three to four radishes
5. Half of one large red onion (yummo)
6. Guacamole (follow Carolina’s recipe)
7. One grapevine tomato

1) Chop onions, tomatoes and radishes, and set them aside
3) Saute turkey bacon and chop it into little bits
4) Wisk eggs in a bowl, mix in turkey bacon bits when ready, then pour mixture into frying pan and cook to preferred texture
5) Warm up a frying pan to toast tacos, flip the tacos as the brown and toast to your preference
6) Assembly the tacos to your liking and ENJOY!

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