Day-to-Night Vacation Dressing

by Tamu McPherson

day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfits

Over the years I’ve become a firm believer in day-to-night vacation dressing. This part of my style evolution is due to an increasingly full social schedule during my annual holidays. No complaining here though; With the fast pace of life these days, it’s incredibly nice to spend time with members of my community, even if it’s only for a drink, brief conversation, and a hug. 


I would say that I first mastered day-to-night-vacation dressing when P.J., my son, was a toddler and we passed weekends in Forte Dei Marmi. It’s customary for Italians to rent a small changing cabin where they store swimsuits, beach toys, toiletries, and clothes. Often Italian women arrive at beach clubs like Piero’s or Giovanni’s in pretty summer dresses or caftans which they may also wear to lunch. Throughout the day they change into fresh swimsuits (they do not stay in wet swimsuits, but rather, change after each swim), and they finish the day off with a fresh outfit for dinner. If they have lunch outside the beach club, they arrive in a more elevated look.


While weekending in “Forte”, we too fell into this rhythm: heading out early in the morning, spending the entire day at the beach club, showering there and joining friends for dinner at a favorite local restaurant. Today, when my family spends August in the Hamptons, it’s not unusual to be invited to a series of lunches, summer fetes, and birthday parties throughout the day and dinner at a local restaurant like Crow’s Nest in the early evening. Selecting outfits that work for multiple appointments is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy a full summer day with my friends and family. 


I’ll throw together looks like the ones that I’ve shared here. Before I go on, I want to confess that we were originally meant to shoot these images in Portofino, but our plans were changed at the last minute. We decided to shoot in St. Moritz so that I could visit Roki and her new baby girl before leaving for my six-week stay in the US. 


The looks that I styled can be worn anywhere and follow this basic concept: a casual or sporty morning fit, followed by a moment of sunbathing (worshiping), and a dressier version of the look for lunch or dinner. Each piece is a key staple of my Summer wardrobe. For instance, I love the fact that bodysuits have come back into style. I started to wear my one-piece bathing suits as tops a few years ago. I find that they supply a touch of chic to any look. Next, I’ve folded and stored away my cutoff shorts in exchange for these sleek Prada shorts which I plan to wear every day this August. Additionally, as many as you may know, I swear by pleated skirts and always have a couple in rotation. To top each look off, I’ve decided that blazer jackets are the perfect outerwear for chilly summer nights. 


I hope that these two looks provide some inspiration for your day-to-night vacation style. Drop us a line in the comments to let us know what you are wearing on your holidays.


Look 1day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfitsShorts, Prada, Sandals, previous season Chanel, Bag, Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses, Oakley


day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfits

Swimsuit, Matteau, Sunglasses, Oakley


day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfits

Sandals, Saint Laurent, Bag, Proenza Schouler, Jacket, Mango, Sunglasses, Oakley


Look 2day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfits Top, Matteau, Sandals, Emme Parsons, Skirt, By Any Other Name


day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfitsSwimsuit, Matteau, Hat, Market Find


day-to-night vacation dressing Tamu's style holiday outfits

Top, Matteau, Skirt, By Any Other Name, Belt, Bottega Veneta, Sandals, Bottega Veneta, Jacket, DanCassab


Get Tamu’s Day-to-Night Vacation Dressing Looks:

 Tamu’s Style Images by Matteo D’Agostino

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