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Dancebody x JJ Dancer Pop Up in LA

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Roki Prunali | Saturday March 3rd 2018

Last week, I ranted about all of my fav workout classes in LA, but that was before I took the Dancebody x JJ Dancer Pop Up Class last weekend at 3rd Street Dance. I will not babble on about how much I love me a dance class (if you don’t know, now you know), but this class was the perfect mash up of some the baddest dance bosses in the game.

Tamu introduced to me Dancebody a few years ago when I visited her in the Hamptons. Sadly, it is only on the east coast for now (but I stay in touch through streaming). We tried desperately to start a franchise in Milan, but you need to have been an actual dancer to teach the class. Our dancing dreams were crushed because; one, we would still have to survive without one of our favorite classes, and two, they did not consider us professional dancers. A girl can still dream. So, imagine my excitement when I discovered that Dancebody would be doing a pop up in Los Angeles, and I just happened to be here at the same time. A message sent directly from the dance gods.

Dancebody x JJ Dancer

The girls from Dancebody have become like family and I can honestly say that they are always dancing, and always with a smile on their face. Their classes are not only good for your body, but also good for your soul. Also it helps that they play the latest trap and EDM hits out there.

Shy to try JJ Dancer’s class, this was the perfect opportunity to put some skin in the game. I am not one to turn down trying a new workout class, but I must admit that JJ Dancer’s class seemed quite intimidating. So when I saw that she teamed up with my go-to east coast girls, it was a no-brainer. At least I knew what to expect for half of the class.

Jennifer Johnson, a.k.a. JJ Dancer, has toured the globe with some of the hottest performers on the scene including Beyoncé, Kanye West and Pitbull. With former training from the world of Tracey Anderson, let’s just say her dance cardio and toning class kicks your butt. Imagine twerking while in a squat to then going into hitch kicks (think jumping ninja kicks). This class left me gasping for air. Honestly, I could never imagine myself moving the way I did in her class but her “just move your booty no matter what” attitude had me shaking my rump with a huge grin wide across my face. The occasional “hey” that her and her instructors shout when the moves get really juicy, give you that confidence to just dance it out. The energy that was in that room was incredibly invigorating.

Dancebody x JJ Dancer

Just the sight of JJ and Katia’s abs makes me want to take their class everyday if I could. I am begging the both of you to come out to Milan, please. But until then, I will take these classes anyway I can, binge streaming or hauling my twerking butt to West Hollywood.

Dancebody x JJ Dancer

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