Custom Foundation: Worth the Hype?


Custom Foundation: Worth the Hype?

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Solenne Kamba | Friday November 10th 2017

The word says it all: foundation. There is nothing that can ruin your look like the wrong foundation colour.  Either too light, too ashy, too dark, or pigmented with the wrong undertones, your Instagram-perfect look could quickly turn into a bad filter. Word on the street is that custom-blended foundations are the best way to ensure your foundation is the exact right colour for your skin.

Technology has a lot to do with this miracle. Traditionally you would spend all day at Sephora to swatch foundations, but it turns out your phone might just be enough. Impossible? It’s 2017. Read all about the future below.  

How It Works

Foundation base is usually customized three ways; color, texture and coverage.

Believe it or not, there is more than a dash of pale blue or a tint of yellow to create any perfect foundation. The matching process analyzes your skin colour and creates an algorithm that corresponds to your unique skin. I’m not a scientist, but this means 100 % customization. Good news, because yellow, red and blue undertones have always struggled to find the right colours in the market, and are often left to play chemists themselves.  

The culprit that creates this issue is titanium dioxide, which naturally becomes white on any skin tone, creating that ‘white cast’ or beige mask. Custom-blended foundation uses only a small amount of titanium concentrate in the customization, making it as sheer or as opaque as you like; matte, dewy, or hydrating, and some can even add sunscreen. This is a great option as your skin colour changes with the seasons, giving you the chance to create your perfect summer and winter match.

What Are the Best Options?

Match Co, from $49

Start by scanning three different areas on your face and arms. The app analyses your skin, and then recommends a colour. The color-matching process is intuitive, using your iPhone camera to analyze your skin tone. Your custom product with your name on it appears in your mailbox in just a couple of days. The app is free in the Apple Store.

Lancôme Made-to-Measure Foundation,  $80

In store, a Lancôme Color Expert scans your face in 3 different places. The data is translated into a custom formula that perfectly matches your skin tone. You can choose your coverage and hydration level so your foundation is crafted for your specific skin needs. Take home a personalized bottle with your name and shade number on it (to re-order more easily). The best part is that it’s oil-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.
Credit ph: Instagram @evacale

Made 2 fit, Bare Minerals, $49

Five taps with the camera on each cheekbone, on your forehead, and on each side of your jawline will create your perfect match. If for whatever reason you don’t love your match, bareMinerals offers a 100 percent shade-match guarantee and allows returns within 30 days of delivery.


This innovative and futuristic solution like is giving us all the science fiction feels. Taking the guesswork out of the equation, this creates your PERFECT match – especially for pale, olive and darker skin tones with red undertones. It is not extremely expensive, compared to high-end versions on the market, especially taking into account that you save on trying different foundations (and most of the times, there are no refunds offered!).

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