Crystal-Infused Beauty Products for High Vibrational Living

by Roki Prunali

Crystal Infused Beauty products


I may have only dipped my toe in the enormous power and energy of crystal healing so far, but it is undeniably a strong connection that I have found between the self and its vibrational energy. Even just dabbling in the meanings of crystals and trying to match them to the chakras that I believe I need work, my curiosity only continues to grow. And I am not alone here in this awe and amazement – Tamu and I always come back to crystal talk in the office. So it is only natural that holistic beauty follows, bringing with it crystal-infused beauty products such as serums, oils, and luxurious balms.


Crystal-Infused Beauty Products

Last year we saw the rise of Jade and Rose Quartz face rollers (cannot live without our CAP version), but this year has made way for the inclusion and infusion of full-on crystals into our beauty products. Besides their energetic properties, their physical attributes add not only an esthetic touch (I have never seen I crystal I did not like, healing powers aside) but functional – they are used as exfoliators and they improve circulation. One of my go-to’s, California native (but with French roots) brand Odacite, created a Co-Q10 lip serum with a green aventurine roller applicator. For crystal newbies, the package reads that the aventurine brings “good luck and prosperity”. All I know is that with the amount of times I roll that aventurine on my lips it is a miracle that there is still any left. Valerie Grandury, the founder of Odacite, told Forbes magazine “healers believe that aventurine has the power to absorb electromagnetic pollution created by computers and cell phones, helping you sleep better and wake up with newfound energy.”

When these gems are part of the mix, they are said to help your cells thrive on an energetic level. They can be finely ground up and mixed into the product, which works towards illuminating the skin by exfoliation. Some beauty brands use crystal essence – oil or water that has been charged energetically by crystals. Which is also why we are seeing such a surge of crystal-charged drinkable water. The crystals are immersed in other active ingredients of the product, thereby leaving a gemstone infusion.

In my inbox a few months ago, I received my daily Detox Market Newsletter highlighting Nazan Schnapp as the summer ‘It Brand’. I can only do my Detox Market run while I am in Los Angeles, so I desperately scoured the internet and found the brand is actually based in Zurich (hooray). So it was not too difficult to get my hands on their Rinse Away Oil Cleanser with Rose Quartz – as well as some of their other new products, but only details.


Crystal Infused Beauty products


This craze with beauty insiders has gotten so big that even the founders of these indie brands have written books on the matter. In one of my crystal research rabbit holes, I purchased a book called “Elemental Energy” (you know I am a beginner and need some help). After purchasing the book, I come to find out that it was written by one of the founders of the gemstone-infused brand Själ. Normally using precious materials such as gold, silver, and copper – also known as electro-stimulants to increase cellular productivity, performance, and repair – they also use gemstones to “naturally vibrate at a higher frequency, promoting increased cellular energy, microcirculation, and clarity.”

Not sure where to start when looking for crystal-infused beauty products? Well and Good helps us out by stating, “According to Volat (Earthling Beauty), clear quartz is a good option for anyone, since it promotes universal healing and energy balancing. For more specific woes, crystal skin-care brand Gemstone Organic uses moonstone for hormonal breakouts, rose quartz for softening fine lines, jade and black tourmaline for protecting against environmental stressors, and rubies for removing toxins.”

There may not be any scientific evidence on how they affect our beauty products, but anyone that has had even a little experience with crystals has felt their power. So evidence or not, I am amping up my crystal presence even in my beauty routine, and I think you should too.


This article was originally published in August 2018.


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