Creative Art Therapy as Self-Care

by Chloe' Flowers

art therapy


Along with writing, art has always been an outlet for me. I’m almost surprised to learn how many people don’t paint or create very often. I think my love for arts and crafts developed as a child, as I had a lot of exposure to different mediums early on. When I invite friends to paint and do something crafty, they always enjoy it! They usually feel lighter and cheery afterward. Making time for art and creativity is something everyone should do. Art therapy can be one of the best healers for those who need to unwind or grow in their mind while their hands stay busy with something meaningful. 


Art Therapy is an Outlet for Self-Expression

There are so many forms of art and creativity, you just have to find which one suits you best. Creating art is a way of self-expression. My favorite form of art is painting as I enjoy the brush strokes and each one is very satisfying and therapeutic. I also enjoy any kind of clay and sculpting. If I could I would dabble in ceramics more and maybe even candle making. I think watercolor and natural dye are amazing as well. As of late, I have been channeling my artistic expression through DIY projects relating to home decor. There’s something so soothing to me about painting furniture and bookshelves. I also like to be reminded of my work by displaying it in my home. 


art therapy


Being Present Through Art Therapy

I think a big reason why people may not create art is that they’re afraid it may not come out perfect. Many people think they have to be professional or natural at something to be “good”. So much of art is the spontaneity and acceptance of whatever unique result that presents itself. Anything can be a masterpiece. When you are focused on an art project, you are training yourself to stay in the moment and to trust yourself. A good way to start and gain confidence is by using adult coloring books. These books are amazing and are a good way to introduce “play” to your brain.



Choose Creativity

Another amazing thing about being creative is that it’s a choice. We do so many things in life because we have to, out of obligation. We have to work, we have to sleep, we have to eat. So many actions and experiences we have are surrounded by survival and well being. It feels good to do something because you are willing and genuinely interested. There is a very simple joy in doing things just because you want to or because it peaks your interests. Exercising your freedom of choice is good for the soul. 


There’s always a nice rush when you try something new. Trying new things keeps you fresh and curious. New experiences can also refine your personality. You are living as long as you are growing and learning about all kinds of things. One form of art that I would love to be good at is sewing. My mom bought me a sewing machine that I don’t use because I’ve given up many times. I’ve been thinking about picking it back up again because it still interests me. What is a creative outlet you have an interest in but are too afraid to try, Pretty Birds?


Exploring New Talent 

The outcome is the sweetest part about creating, for me. I love knowing that there’s only one of this very special form of expression. Your creation is exclusive and one of a kind. Once you experience the elation of loving your own work, you will want to create more. You can share your art with others or keep it to yourself. It’s your own unique piece of the world. There is a chance that you have a hidden talent not yet discovered. How do you know if you like something unless you try it? I encourage all of you to pick up an artistic hobby if you haven’t already. It can be as low stakes as doing a tie-dye project at home, or repurposing furniture you thought about throwing out. Open yourself to a new, eccentric form of healing. 


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