Your Cosmic Monthly Mantras for December 2020 Are Here

by Adama Sesay

After the deep transformation of Scorpio season comes the expansive and wise Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer in Astrology, with his bow pointing upward pointed
towards the broader vision for humanity. This is the season to integrate the shadow work you’ve done during Scorpio season, and step forward with a higher perspective, using your past challenges as wisdom. Keep this in mind for your December monthly mantras.

A Brief Examination

On December 1st, Mercury, the planet ruling over our communication and thought moves into
the expansive sign of Sagittarius, joining the sun. This can push us to face our limiting beliefs
and old thought patterns that have been holding us back. There is also a heavy focus on our
locality and immediate surroundings due to restrictions on international travel and movement.
We can feel energized and ready to charge forward and ask questions later as we move
towards the middle of the month. On December 10th, the Sagittarius sun will form a
harmonious aspect called a trine with Mars in Aries, and there is a powerful solar eclipse in the
sign of Sagittarius on December 14th. This will anchor in new beliefs, giving us the ability to see
above our current realities. Expect clarity in terms of the long-term vision in your life.

Shortly after on December 16th, Saturn, the ruler of lessons and tradition moves into the
radical sign of Aquarius as well as Jupiter on December 19th. This is one of the most pivotal
planetary shifts of the year, culminating in the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on December
21st which also marks the start of the Winter Solstice and shift into Capricorn season. A
conjunction occurs when planets make a direct connection in the same sign. This
unprecedented planetary shift will trigger societal, cultural, and structural changes to occur for
the world for some years to come.

December 2020 Monthly Mantras:

Wisdom is something gained overtime through challenges, triumphs, and experience. Take with
you your knowledge into Sagittarius season, leaving behind what is no longer serving as you
continue to navigate your life. Mantras or affirmations are incredibly healing and can boost
your ability to break old thought patterns and raise your vibration. Include your sun, moon, and
rising sign into your daily routine. Leave them on cards visible so that you can be reminded each
day like this Pretty Bird did!

Incorporate your sun, moon, and rising sign mantras below into your daily affirmation rituals:

Aries: Your thoughts are the limit. Reach higher towards believing in your truth and it will

Taurus: Your personal power is potent but first, it’s important to know in your heart that you’re

Gemini: Let who you are and your voice shine. You are the leader in your own life.

Cancer: You are on fire, but it’s important to pause. Practice self-care in order to show up to

Leo: You are a creative force to be reckoned with. Speak out to the world with authenticity,
regardless of what others think.

Virgo: Your life path is unfolding. Be honest about where you want to go, as your powers of
manifestation are high.

Libra: Be proud of your wisdom as can impact others. Don’t be afraid to share your wisdom to
help others.

Scorpio: The truth will set you free, it’s time to know yours. When you use your true voice, you
regain your power.

Sagittarius: Your individuality is vital; there is only one you! Honor yourself and others will
honor you.

Capricorn: You can create the reality you desire. Let go of the limitations you place on yourself.

Aquarius: Only you know what resonates with you, other opinions are secondary. Focus on your

Pisces: Your emotions are just as important as your career. Spend quiet moments alone.
Nurture yourself and heal.

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Cover illustration by @janelleburger

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