Cosmic Love: 16 Celestial Fashion Pieces for All Star Signs

by Jessie Ajluni

Cosmic Love

From the ostentatiously-dressed Leo to the mercurial, can’t-decide-what-to-wear Geminis, we’ve all read many an article about how to dress for your astrological sign. And while I’m a huge believer in all things zodiac, I am equally firm on the belief that no one should be tied to just one way to define their personal style.  
However, one thing that I can whole heartedly get behind when it comes to channeling your inner celestial fashion being is: dressing in the signs themselves. And lucky for me, designers this season are offering a plethora of cosmic-inspired prints to incorporate into my wardrobe, just in time for the holidays. 
Now, I know you Pretty Birds are no strangers to my love of all things space-related (especially when it comes to star prints), but this latest iteration turns the style dial to eleven. From zodiac-inspired jewels, like these lust-worthy earrings from Lulu Frost, to this the truly gorgeous astrological print Rixo London dress, I just can’t get enough of these celestial looks. If you, too, would like to channel a little astrological love into your wardrobe then check out our round up below.


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