Quarantine Beauty Products & Essentials

by Chinea Rodriguez

Coronavirus Beauty Products


If you’ve found your hands drier from the excessive hand-washing, cleaning, and sanitizing or you’re breaking out from your mask, you’re not alone. Covid-19 has changed even the most minor parts of our daily lives. Even our beauty routines have been affected, from DIY manicures and beauty treatments to haircuts at home early quarantine to switching to mask-proof makeup or none at all. And now we are navigating breakouts and sensitive skin from our new reality. So, here’s a list of quarantine beauty products and essentials to consider adding in your daily routine.


Quarantine Beauty Products

From hydrating hand creams, masks, and much-needed hand sanitizers to skincare essentials for “maskne” there are a lot of adjustments to make to our routines. To help you deal with any new beauty issues you might be facing we’ve rounded up a few things to help you stay safe as well as moisturized this summer.


For Your Hands

Our hands are really bearing the brunt of damage right now, whether you’re disinfecting and cleaning every surface of your home or just practicing healthy hand-washing habits, while necessary, these can all be extremely drying. Even hand sanitizer can dry out your hands but the extra cleaning is necessary so be sure to keep your hands just as moisturized as they are clean. Fortunately, most hand creams are small enough to keep in your bag and in your bathroom, our picks are lightly scented, non-greasy, rich creams like purse-friendly hand cream from Glossier or this SPF hand cream from Unsun because our hands are one place we overlook when applying sun protection. For even more hydration add a hand mask. 


Best Hand Sanitizers to Use During COVID-19

Beyond Purell and drugstore hand sanitizers there are still some available despite the frenzy earlier this year. Try our affordable picks, like the lightly scented sanitizer from Sol de Janeiro if you’re also sick of the alcohol smell or this multipurpose and refillable spray from Bathing Culture that can be used on hands and surfaces. 


For Your Skincare 

“Maskne” or breakouts in the area under the mask are another newer issue we’ve been facing. While necessary, wearing masks can sometimes irritate skin and clog pores causing breakouts, especially with the heat, which cause dirt, oils, and makeup to build up. To deal be sure to cleanse, or even double cleanse by adding an oil-based cleanser before your regular cleanser. Focus on cleansers with salicylic acid for gentle cleansing and exfoliation deep down into your pores like Cerave’s Renewing SA Cleanser. If you already have a favorite gentle cleanser in mind you can add a liquid exfoliant to your routine like Paula’s Choice Liquid exfoliant

Another key to dealing with irritation and acne is hydrating. Add hydrating moisturizers to your routine or a hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid which draws moisture into the skin. 


For Your Face

Make some time to put a different kind of mask on for once. Indulge with a few extra hydrating and anti-inflammatory masks to deal with dryness and irritation. Consider out picks like the cult favorite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, a hydrating multi-use mask that can be used as an overnight mask, quick treatment or moisturizer. For sheet mask fans Joanna Vargas Twilight Face Masks and Saturday Skin Intense Hydration Masks are easy and quick ways to hydrate, improve skin tone and brighten.


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