Common Misconceptions About Astrology

by Alyx Carolus


The rise of astrology in mainstream culture is more than just a trend. The advent of social media and the internet has allowed more people to access astrology-related content than ever before. We’re all getting to know more about our sun signs, birth charts, and what it means to survive Mercury or Venus Retrograde. Whether you want to understand more about yourself or just have a curiosity about this practice, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about astrology. This article in The New Yorker mentions that astrology is currently enjoying a broad cultural acceptance that hasn’t been seen since the 1970s. In these uncertain times, some of us are turning to belief systems that work for us, help give some guidance and clarity when we feel unsure. 


Common Misconceptions About Astrology 

Here at ATPB, we’re lucky enough to have Adama Sesay as our resident astrology expert. The New York-based founder of Lilith Astrology has shared her expertise with us, from compatibility between sun signs to tapping into your goddess energy. We got some of her thoughts on common misconceptions and ideologies when exploring astrology. 


Zodiac sign cusps are real

You may have paged through a glossy magazine and seen an article or two about astrological cusps. What does it all mean? The idea is that one person can fall on the cusp of one sign or the other – and as a result characteristics from both signs might apply. But what is the truth? Adama explains, “There are no zodiac cusps in Astrology but there are 3 decans of every sign that have differences. So the energy can shift as the planet progresses through a sign.” While you may have been born on the end tail of a sign, it can have an impact on your energy and your overall personality. But you’re not on a cusp. 


Birth charts can be done without time or place of birth

From adoption to entering the foster system, it’s not a given that everyone knows exactly where they were born and what their accurate birth time is. Birth charts are an important part of figuring out your own personal astrological journey. While they can be done without all the aforementioned information, you’re most likely to not get 100% accurate reading. As Adama says, “Unfortunately it will not be as accurate if it is not the correct location. Charts are based upon birth date, time as well as location. Understanding the most correct position of the planets correlating to the place you were on earth is vital.” However, you can speak to an astrologer to see how you can still glean useful information and know more about your astrological path. 


Monthly readings are too vague to be real 

Many skeptics of astrology tend to base their disdain for the practice through the monthly horoscopes you might see in a print or digital magazine platform. The readings are short and usually general as it’s for a wider audience. 

Adama mentions, “Monthly general astrology readings are actually based on the Sun at the ascendant so you may feel that reading your rising sign is more accurate for you. The thing to remember is that these are general.” Want a better reading with more accurate information? It might be best to book a personal reading with an astrologer to get a deeper understanding of your chart. Adama explains that your personal chart and situation can only be analyzed by an astrologer for accurate information pertaining to just you.


Astrology isn’t a predictive tool  

While astrology might not be all gaze-into-my-crystal-ball, it can give you some clues to how your life and upcoming times might be. It might not be able to detail accurately, because life happens as it will but there are always helpful insights you can use to make informed decisions. It all comes down to what you believe and need when you’re booking a reading. 

Adama says, “Astrology can be a predictive tool actually but it also is the road map of your life and journey on earth. It also can heal, inform, and help you grow personally.” 

Want a broader scope on what’s happening globally? Adama explains that astrology is an excellent method of describing world events, from what’s happening to what has the potential to happen to the world on a collective scale.


Have you booked an astrology reading before? Do you have any misconceptions about astrology as a whole? Comment below – we would love to read your thoughts!


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