Colourful eyes


Colourful eyes

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Michela Marra | Wednesday July 26th 2017

Colourful eyes

Add a note of colour to your day. How? With an eye makeup, that blends different shades, from pop colours to glittery nuances, in tune with summer and holiday rhythms. And if relaxation is still a mirage, dedicate some time to yourself to explore new make up for eyes. We give you a hand with a selection of the most beautiful proposals found on the net.

In deeper blue

It is the colour of the year and not just that of the summer season. Declined in a more metallic or pop shade, it makes the eyes protagonist of the look. Choose colour brushes on your eyelids or dare intense eyeliner by sealing the make up with a mascara of the same nuance.

Shades of red

Red is generally not used for the look because it highlights imperfections. However, dosed in the right way and even blended with other colours, such as purple or gold, it can give rise to bold and absolutely super cool makeup. Let’s try!


We like purple, especially on darker skins or on those with brown irises. You can create a full colour enriched with glitter and points of light or you can match it to a fuchsia eyeliner so you will not go unnoticed.


Do you want to experience more colours? Choose one for the eyeliner, one for the fixed eyelid and one for the mobile lid. The easiest way to realize a colourful makeup is to mix the shades and give life to a smokey eye effect, but nothing prevents you from opting for colour overlays (without exaggerating)

Do you want more ideas? Find all the beauty looks to test in the gallery we created for you.

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